South Ossetia is first in the ranking of the post-Soviet countries friendly to Russia

Mon, 26/02/2024 - 16:42

South Ossetia took first place in the ranking of countries where the most favorable conditions for relations with Russia have been created. This was stated during a live broadcast at the Rossiya Segodnya press center during the presentation of the results of the annual Rating of the friendliness of communication modes in the post-Soviet countries.

According to Deputy director of the National Research Institute for the Development of Communications for scientific work, head of monitoring of communication modes Valentina Komleva, South Ossetia and Abkhazia are taking part in this rating for the first time.

"South Ossetia received a total score of 93.5 points, Belarus (87.6) and Abkhazia (81.4) took the second and third places, followed by other friendly countries in the ranking," she said.

.As part of the monitoring of communication modes, an event analysis of the events in foreign countries, a content analysis of government documents, statements of leaders of foreign countries, media resources for 2023, and a survey of experts were carried out.

The event is organized by the National Research Institute for the Development of Communications.

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