Archive - 10/11/2012

Sat, 10/11/2012 - 16:02

Residents of Leningor District shared their problems with the Interagency working group of the Russian Federation

Deputy Prime Minister of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva and Interagency working group of the Russian Federation, headed by the representative of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Grigory Ganovichev visited the villages of Leningor and Tsinagar in Leningor district of South Ossetia, where they met with local residents. They were accompanied by Deputy Head of the district Alan Alborov, Health Minister Grigory Kulidzhanov, director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association" YugosetNefteprodukt "Alan Bekoev, Presidential Aide for Social Affairs Rodion Siukaev.