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Thu, 19/05/2022 - 15:24

Moscow will be following the referendum on the entry of South Ossetia into the Russian Federation - Deputy Foreign Minister

The solution to the issue of including South Ossetia into Russia will require taking into account all factors, including the geopolitical situation, said Andrei Rudenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

"The issue of unification will require the participation of both parties. We will first look at how South Ossetian citizens will vote when the referendum takes place, and accordingly we will expect a reaction of the Russian Federation," Rudenko said, speaking at the Russian State Duma on Thursday.

Thu, 19/05/2022 - 15:05

The State Duma has ratified the agreement with South Ossetia on dual citizenship

On Thursday, the State Duma ratified the agreement on dual citizenship between South Ossetia and Russia. Presenting the initiative, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko has noted that a distinctive feature of the agreement with South Ossetia is the unilateral introduction for its citizens of a simplified procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship.

"The parameters of the procedure will be set by the President of the Russian Federation after the adoption of the relevant decree," Rudenko said.

Thu, 19/05/2022 - 14:48

South Ossetia is once again calling for consolidation in the fight against fascism, - the Embassy press release

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Zar tragedy, the Embassy of the Republic of South Ossetia in the Russian Federation sent a press release to all diplomatic missions accredited in Russia, as well as to the Georgian interest’s section at the Swiss Embassy, ​​dedicated to the criminal act of genocide against the peaceful Ossetian population, committed by the Georgian formations on May 20, 1992.

The agency "Res" was informed about this in the press service of the Embassy.

Thu, 19/05/2022 - 14:45

Plenipotentiary Representative of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry and Consul General of Russia met in Istanbul

Consul General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul Andrei Buravov has received the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia in Turkey Burkhan Khosity, the press service of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of South Ossetia reports.

During a thorough conversation, an interested exchange of views took place on the issues related to bilateral cooperation, topical aspects of the development of South Ossetian-Russian relations, as well as the regional and international agenda.


Wed, 18/05/2022 - 17:47

The action in memory of the victims of the Zar tragedy will be held in South Ossetia

The action called "Moans of the human heart" will be held on May 20 in South Ossetia in memory of the victims of the Zar tragedy, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic told the IA “Res”

“May 20 marks the 30th anniversary of the execution of civilians in our republic by Georgian gangs on the Zar road. On this day, our people traditionally honor the memory of the perished. At 10.00 on the Theater Square of Tskhinval there will be a gathering of people leaving for the scene of the tragedy,” the press service said.


Tue, 17/05/2022 - 22:19

Sappers removed the ammunition from the village of Zar in South Ossetia

On Tuesday morning, the command-and-control center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of South Ossetia received a message about the discovery of ammunition near the village of Zar, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic reports.

"The sappers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations examined and removed the ammunition to the range with their subsequent destruction," the press service has specified.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has urged citizens to be vigilant and careful when discovering dangerous finds.