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Thu, 31/05/2012 - 10:44

The "Days of the Ossetian Culture" have been completed in Brussels

May 27 the "Days of the Ossetian Culture" were completed in Brussels (Belgium).
As IA "Res" has been informed by the Chairman of the non-commercial International Association «Renaissance Saendidzaen» («Revival») Radion Pukhaev, the event began on May 17 at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Brussels by holding the Round Table "The Bridges of Cooperation", which was attended by representatives of intelligentsia from Ossetia and the European countries.



Mon, 28/05/2012 - 17:39

South Ossetia is celebrating the 94th anniversary of the Russian Border Troops

Today South Ossetia is celebrating the 94th anniversary of the Russian Border Troops.
The Border Control Agency of FSS of Russia in South Ossetia held in Tskhinval a solemn meeting devoted to celebrating the 94th anniversary of formation of the Russian border troops.
The event was attended by representatives of the South Ossetian leadership, headed by President Leonid Tibilov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Ossetia Elbrus Kargiev, the command of the Russian 4th military base.

KGB, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Committee of Information and Communication of South Ossetia are celebrating the 20th anniversary

Today in South Ossetia three agencies are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their establishment.
The decision to establish the Ministry of External Affairs (now Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Committee for State Security (KGB) and the Ministry of Information, Press and Publications (now the Committee for Information, Communications and Mass Media) was adopted at the session of the Supreme Council of South Ossetia, held on May 28-29,1992.


Sun, 27/05/2012 - 17:41

Ossetian professional boxer has won a victory by knockout in the U.S.

The Ossetian professional boxer, the European champion under the WBC version in the weight class up to 66.6 kg, the world champion under the WBC version among youth, the intercontinental champion under the WBC version among youth, a champion of Asia among adults Aslanbek Kozaev won a brilliant victory by knockout in the next match.

Sun, 27/05/2012 - 17:39

Irina Gagloeva: For 20 years we`ve lived through a hard historical trial, but we always look ahead with confidence

Flash-poll: May 29, will be the 20 years anniversary of the Act of Independence of South Ossetia.

How successful, in your opinion, the Republic is building its statehood and what else should be done to strengthen it?

Alexander Skakov, Candidate of History, coordinator of the Working Group of the Caucasus and Central Asia department under the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Federation:

I think that South Ossetia has done much to strengthen its sovereignty as an independent country. And this is primarily due to the will of the Ossetian people. But the problems still exist. South Ossetia, in contrast to Abkhazia, has no outlet to the sea, and of course, all the contacts of South Ossetia with the outside world go through Russia. There is another nuance in this fact - a great influence of Russia on South Ossetia. And this influence has both the positive effects that were displayed in the events of 08.08.08, as well as the negative ones, displayed in the events connected with the presidential election. So the future of South Ossetia depends much on Russia's position to be consistent, accurate, objective, and not related to any personal predilections. In principle, South Ossetia has everything to move forward toward the formation of normal society: there are good people who are willing and able to work, literate intellectuals, beautiful nature. The question is, to make it all ok to use. In short, South Ossetia has all chances for further success.


Sat, 26/05/2012 - 14:30

A regular meeting of the MPRI has been held at the border of South Ossetia and Georgia

The 23rd meeting of the Mechanisms on Prevention and Reaction to Incidents (MPRI) has been held today in the Georgian village of Ergneti at the border of South Ossetia and Georgia.
There were two items on the agenda: a review of the incidents at the state border of South Ossetia and Georgia during the period since the MPRI previous meeting, and the possibility of mutual transferring of citizens of South Ossetia, kept in detention in Georgia, as well as the Georgian citizens, kept in detention in South Ossetia.


Fri, 25/05/2012 - 09:52

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia: the opinion of the South Ossetian people is uninteresting to the NATO summitparticipants

Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia with respect to the statement adopted at the NATO Summit in Chicago

In a statement issued after the NATO Summit in Chicago May 21, 2012, member countries of NATO, supporting Georgia's aspirations to join the Alliance, appealed to Russia to "abolish the recognition of the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states and to reduce the Russian military presence in these regions.
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia has stated that this document, which was evidently adjusted to the Georgian audience, has a deliberately biased orientation. It is known that South Ossetia is not a "region of Georgia," and only through the intervention of Russia in August 2008 the people of South Ossetia were rescued from total annihilation during the perfidious military aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia. For nearly four years, the security of South Ossetia is guaranteed by the Russian Federation on the basis of the bilateral agreements. South Ossetian people express boundless gratitude to the Russian Federation, but it is obvious, that the summit participants are little interested in the people's opinion.

Fri, 25/05/2012 - 09:50

South Ossetian educators became laureates of the International Pushkin Contest

South Ossetian teachers of the Russian language and literature became the winners of the XII Pushkin International Competition for teachers from the CIS, Bulgaria, Germany and Israel. This has been reported to IA "Res" by a spokesman of the Russian Cooperation in South Ossetia, the first secretary of the Embassy of Russia in South Ossetia Mikhail Stepanov.