RSO MFA calls on media representatives for vigilance

03/06/2010 - 13:18

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia disseminated a statement in relation to the "statement" of President Eduard Kokoity published in media. The statement reads: "On 1 June 2010, some electronic media sources placed a statement allegedly signed by the President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity.
As a result, the Embassy of the Republic of South Ossetia in Moscow was addressed by one of radio stations of Israel to express doubts about reliability of this information of deliberately provocative nature and to present the original version of the false statement. Brief survey of this "document" strikes with poor work of the engaged PR specialists and the low quality of this fake paper, the content of which is pure insinuation and sordid fabrication with the use of dirty technologies. To prove this, one should pay attention to the depiction of South Ossetia's national emblem, where two rude mistakes were made, as well as the fake signature of the president, who has his personal letterhead.

Eduard Kokoity" Our children should live in a prosperous country

01/06/2010 - 17:12

Цхинвал. Рисунок на асфальтеToday, South Ossetia celebrates the International Children's Days. The President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity stated that special importance is attached to this day. "This day is certainly one of the most remarkable holidays. A special importance is attached to the International Children's Day. It is important here because in South Ossetia children belong to a war generation. We should every day think about and take care of the growing up generation|, said President Kokoity.
"We should create better conditions for young families, so that the children could get their educations in full compliance with world standards, so that they are not deprived of anything. Our children should live in a prosperous country", said the president.

David Sanakoev: The Georgian authorities are irresponsible in their actions

28/05/2010 - 15:18

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Alan Pliev stated that the president of Georgia rendered honors to people, who was burning down Ossetian villages in 20s of the 20th century and was killing civilians in 2008. To remind, on Georgia's Independence Day, a memorial devoted to those perished for independence of Georgia was opened in Tbilisi.

CoE Experts are working with law enforcement bodies of South Ossetia

26/05/2010 - 15:21

The independent exerts assigned by the Council of Europe (CoE) continue their work in Tskhinval focusing on the circumstances of the abduction of South Ossetians. "During the day on 25 May, CoE expert Bruce Pegg was in Tskhinval. He had several working discussions with representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office", reported the Plenipotentiary for Human Rights David Sanakoev. "In their meetings, the CoE experts receive information on the circumstances of South Ossetian citizens' seizure", said Sanakoev.

Over 700 persons cross the borderline of South Ossetia with Georgia daily

25/05/2010 - 18:54

The Head of RF FSB Border-Guard Department in South Ossetia Alexander Murzin stated that the crossing of the state border of South Ossetia with Georgia is maintained under a temporarily set procedure in Leningor district (Mosabruni) and Perevi.
”Today, there are no official checkpoints for cross-border movement. There are border segments where a temporary procedure has been set. Such checkpoints exist in Mosabruni, where the cross-border movement is more active and in Perevi. Daily, totally over 700 persons cross the border on both sides. According to standards of a borderline checkpoint, this could be considered as a quite intensive exchange”, said Murzin at his press-conference in Tskhinval.

David Sanakoev: Georgia is not fulfilling its obligations in regards to release of South Ossetian detainees

25/05/2010 - 18:53

The Plenipotentiary for human rights to the President of South Ossetia David Sanakoev considers the statements made by Georgian authorities about the release of South Ossetians detained after the war in August 2008 “incorrect”.
“It is at least incorrect to talk about Georgia’s fulfillment of its obligations in release of detained South Ossetians”, stated the Plenipotentiary for Human rights David Sanakoev, commenting on the statement made by the Head of Information and Analysis Department of Georgian Interior Ministry Shota Utiashvili that Georgia has released all residents of South Ossetia detained after the Georgian-Ossetian war in August 2008.
Sanakoev underlined that the Georgian side, and Utiashvili himself, rejected the agreements reached in previous negotiations.

Russian Border-Guards Interact with Georgian Authorities to Settle Conflict Situations

25/05/2010 - 18:52

The Chief of the RF FSB Border-Guard Department in South Ossetia Alexander Murzin stated that the Russian border-guards interacted with representatives of Georgian authorities in order to settle conflict situations at the state borderline of South Ossetia with Georgia. “The state border implies deployment of the two sides’ representatives along this line. Undoubtedly, there issues to be identified and regulated jointly”, underlined Murzin at his press-conference in Tskhinval. According to him, various incidents occurred at the borderline, and they are likely to have place in the future. “Namely, the areas adjacent to the borderline are used for grazing. Animals do not care about borders, and hence, they often appear on the contiguous territory. Georgian media had recently disseminated information about eight armed persons, who had reportedly stolen 58 cows from the Georgian territory. We started checking this information with the Georgian side. Initially, they found a part of the lost cattle, then the rest. Apparently, the shepherds simply overslept and missed their cattle and had to invent this first story. The interaction resulted in the positive settlement of the situation”, said Murzin.

Murat Djioev: Tagliavini had clearly stated Georgia and its authorities were responsible for unleashing the war in August 2008

24/05/2010 - 14:11

Brief interview
Question: The European Parliament support the main conclusions in the report of the EU-sponsored International Independent Fact-Finding Mission into the circumstances of the conflict in South Ossetia headed by Heidi Tagliavini. According to this report, Georgia started the war in South Ossetia. Do you expect that the conclusions of Tagliavini’s Mission would have any impact on the policies of the West to support current Georgian regime?

Murat Djioev, RSO Foreign Minister:
Naturally, South Ossetia was interested in the results of the work done by the EU International Fact-Finding Mission headed by Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini, to examine the events of 2008 August. The Mission had done an enormous work, it maintained contact with all the side involved in the war in August 2008. The hope for the professionalism of the Mission members and the objectivity of their conclusions proved right. In the report voiced in December 2009, and in the recent speeches in the PACE and US Congress, Ambassador Tagliavini had clearly stated Georgia’s and Georgian authorities’ responsibility for unleashing the war in August 2008. I would like to express the hope that eventually the international community will learn the truth and the Western protectors of Sakashvili’s regime will cease their support and supplies of weapons.

Eduard Kokoity: Zar Tragedy will always stay in the hearts and minds of all Ossetians етина

21/05/2010 - 12:05

The President of the Republic of South Ossetia stated Zar tragedy would always stay in the memory of the Ossetian people. “It is a tragic episode in the history of our people and it will forever stay in the hears and minds of all Ossetians, as a never-healing wound incurable neither through years nor through words of compassion,” said the president. “Our sacred duty before those, who died 20 May 1992, our brothers and sisters, to remember them and do everything possible to prevent similar tragedies in the future.”

Georgian citizens detained in South Ossetia for border-crossing

20/05/2010 - 12:02

8 Georgian citizens detained in South Ossetia for illegal border-crossing. As Deputy Plenipotentiary for Post-Conflict Settlement Merab Chigoev reported to IA RES, law enforcement bodies of South Ossetia detained 5 Georgian citizens on 18 May for illegal border-crossing in Znaur district of South Ossetia. "The same day, one person was detained for similar violation in the village of Artsev, Tskhinval district", said Chigoev.