The Meeting of the Co-chairman of JCC from the South-Ossetian side Boris Chochiev with the Head of the Mission of OSCE in Georgia Roy Riv has taken place

Thu, 12/04/2007 - 10:50

The meeting of the co-chairman of JCC from the south-ossetian side Boris Chochiev with the head of the mission of OSCE in Georgia Roy Riv has taken place. The head of the apparatus of the co-chairman of the south-ossetian part of JCC Leonid Tibilov and the head of the office of mission of OSCE in Tskhinval Bozhidar Dimitrov were also present at the meeting.
Boris Chochiev has given comments to the representatives of the mass-media on the results of the meeting.
According to his words, the meeting has taken place under the initiative of Roy Riv. The main theme of the meeting was the discussion of the question on the results of the Istanbul meeting, that took place on March, 21st-22nd.
Boris Chochiev has noted, that the Georgian party is not interested in the peace settlement of the georgian-ossetian conflict, thus accusing the south-ossetian party in unwillingness to sit down to negotiating table, and at the same time tries to discredit the Russian party, approving, that it is unable to conducting the intermediary mission.
Roy Riv has acquainted Boris Chochiev with his report, which he has made in Vienna on the results of the Istanbul meeting. In turn Boris Chochiev has once again designated the position of the south-ossetian party.
«The south-ossetian party still adhere to the peace settlement of the conflict and to conducting of the negotiating process in the already existing format of JCC», Boris Chochiev has declared.
Boris Chochiev has also added that the Georgian party in an every possible way tries to make the so-called alternative government the party in the negotiating process in the format of JCC.
Concerning the further course of the negotiating process, according to Boris Chochiev, Roy Riv has noted, that the agreement on it would be reached at the advisory meeting of the co-chairmen of JCC, which would presumably take place on April, 19th.
As for the place of carrying out of the advisory meeting the south-ossetian party has already offered to hold the consultations in Tskhinval.

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