The commentary of the South Ossetian part of JCC

Tue, 24/07/2007 - 16:54

apropos of creation in Georgia of so called “commission for definition
of the autonomous status of South Ossetia within Georgia”.

The Government of Georgia has undertook another step contradicting to the process of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement by creation of so called “commission for definition of the autonomous status of South Ossetia within Georgia”. This measure responds neither to elementary logic, nor to political rationality. The creation of such commission would be reasonable if South Ossetia were within Georgia and it would be sensible if citizens of South Ossetia were in need of instructions from Tbilisi for definition of the status of their sovereign state.
The status of the Republic of South Ossetia as sovereign independent state was stipulated by its population in accordance with all requirements of international law in the course of the nationwide referendum of 1992, which results were unequivocally confirmed at the referendum of 2006.
It is rather absurd, that Georgian side intends to conduct “negotiations” with their marionettes in v. Kurta headed by D. Sanakoev, who become an outcast for the Ossetian society, who does not represent Ossetian people and its interests and from whom refused even his own relatives.

Dialog with the low-ranking officials in power structure of Georgia is for Georgian authorities nothing more than “conversation with themselves” and ultimate result of which is defined beforehand. Nobody is so stupid to believe in the opposite. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili can not understand this, and to impart appearance of legitimacy to the “commission” announced Sanakoev as a “serious man representing interests of Ossetian people”.-

A statement made by Saakashvili that “it is urgent to meet the deadline” confirms accuracy of our conclusions that he has get into time-trouble due to the limited time allotted to the solution of the Kosovo issue, which, in case of gaining independence will become an universal precedent for South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Transdnistria, which have more legal and political rights for independence. This urges Saakashvili to undertake goal-directed actions for sharpening of the situation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone.

Founding of so called commission on definition of the status of South Ossetia is contradicting to the earlier signed agreements within the JCC framework which in accordance with peaceful initiatives of the President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity three-stage peaceful settlement plan envisages creation of the joint working group on political settlement within the international JCC format and makes no provision for unilateral decisions. Instead of that the Georgian side prefers separate negotiations with their own officials who have nothing to do with South Ossetia. This arouses bewilderment at any rate and convincingly witnessing of unwillingness of Saakashvili to act within the framework of international law.

The South Ossetian part of JCC claims that this mentioned commission of the Georgian government and the results of its work are illegal from the outset from the point of view of the international law, as they contradict to the earlier signed agreements within the framework of the internationally acknowledged JCC format, and its work is aimed at the delaying of the process of settlement and justifying actions of Georgia on further escalation of tension in the zone of conflict.

We are calling for international community to condemn illegal actions of the Georgian side.

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