Residents of the Borderline Georgian Village Try to Prevent Demarcation

Fri, 26/11/2010 - 11:58

According to press service of the KGB of South Ossetia, 25 November afternoon during demarcation work in the villages of Pris and Argvits (Tskhinval district) near the borderline between South Ossetia and Georgia, residents of the Georgian village of Ditsi (Georgia) tried to prevent the work of demarcation group.
"Around ten residents of the Georgian village Ditsi came close to the state border and demanded to stop the work, allegedly because the territory belongs to their village. Since there was no border crossing on either of the sides, the demarcation group continued its work, paying no attention to the villagers shouting ", KGB reported.

The Committee noted that that after some time, residents of the Georgian village left.
"Representatives of the EU monitoring mission (EUMM) were not far from the spot. They arrived at the border and were observing the situation”, said the press officer of the KGB.

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