Public and political figures of Russia and South Ossetia have supported the candidacy of Anatoly Bibilov for presidential elections of South Ossetia


On the eve of presidential elections in South Ossetia, a forum of supporters of the presidential candidate of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov "Ossetian breakthrough: unity, order and development", has been held in Tskhinval organized under the aegis of the Republican Political Party "Unity". Prominent politicians and public figures of South Ossetia and Russia gathered at the central square to support the candidacy of Anatoly Bibilov, as well as his supporters. The President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity, the Chairman of the Committee on the Duma International Affairs, a member of the faction "United Russia" Konstantin Kosachev, the head of North Ossetia - Alania Taymuraz Mamsurov, Deputy Chairman of the North Ossetian Parliament, Stanislav Kesaev, the Chairman of the Communist Party of South Ossetia Stanislav Kochiev, a poet-academician Nafi Dzhussoyty, Ambassador Extraordinary and Ambassador to the Republic of South Ossetia in the Russian Federation Dmitry Medoev, representatives of the State Duma, Federation Council, the Emergency Situations Ministry and others have appeared on the stage.

The action was opened by the Acting Speaker of the South Ossetian parliament, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Party "Unity" Zurab Kokoev, who has noted that even the weather did not prevent people of the Republic to gather once again to express their support to the candidate of the Party "Unity" Anatoly Bibilov. "By nominating the candidacy of Bibilov we wanted to show the world that the continuity of the course of the current president of South Ossetia will also be followed in future. The Republic will be restoring, and we will still be recognized by the other countries "- said Kokoev. During the action, the Chairman of the Committee on the Duma International Affairs, a member of the faction "United Russia" Konstantin Kosachev has delivered a message of the Russian Federation Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the participants and guests. "For us in Russia, what is happening here in South Ossetia is not less important than for you, and it's not just fine words, but God's truth - Kosachev said. - Firstly, the multinational people of Russia never separated, not separate, and will not separate themselves from the people of South Ossetia. Secondly, we are the state, which has the first recognized the independence of South Ossetia. So, for us in Russia it is very important that everything what happens in your country, should take place within the framework of the constitution, compliance with law and following the universally recognized international standards,- in this case, the standards for conducting the elections. "He expressed confidence that the elections in South Ossetia would be free, democratic and fair. "In your choice you will have absolute support of the Russian people. We are supporting the candidate of the party "Unity" not only because of his program includes the most important for South Ossetia goals and objectives, but also because this program includes the word, which is very important for all of us - unity with Russia. Anatoly Bibilov, I'm sure will be the new president of South Ossetia",-Kosachev has said. In turn, South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity has also appealed to the public to vote for a presidential candidate, Anatoly Bibilov. "Our people have had too high price for their independence, for their statehood. We must consolidate our forces to resolve our problems as soon as possible. Proceeding from these considerations, I decided to support out of all of the candidates, among whom there are decent people, defenders of South Ossetia, the worthiest one- Anatoly Bibilov. I know that he will cope with this task "- the president said. The president has emphasized that the hustings of Bibilov are based on love and care about his people. The president has also appealed to the people to vote at the referendum on the status of the Russian language as the second official language of South Ossetia. "This will be our gratitude to the great Russia, to sons of Russia, the officers and soldiers who shed their blood for us here in South Ossetia, protecting and saving our children"-, Eduard Kokoity has concluded.
In turn, Anatoly Bibilov thanked all those present for their help and support of his candidacy for President of South Ossetia, and informed the audience with his election program.
"My election program is not just called- the South Ossetian breakthrough. We know that we need a powerful leap forward; we know that we have to move forward, we must be united. Three components of my program are just called unity, order and development ", - said Bibilov.
He expressed confidence that with help of the South Ossetian people, this breakthrough would be done, and South Ossetia would break onto the international scene. The head of North Ossetia-Alania Taymuraz Mamsurov has also arrived at the forum; he has declared that as a member of the supreme council of the party "United Russia", together with their comrades in the party he is supporting the candidacy of Anatoly Bibilov. "Together with the leadership of our all-Russian political party "United Russia " I am happy being with you, my brother, Eduard Kokoity, and I am unanimously supporting the calls that have been voiced here by my fellow-members," - the head of North Ossetia-Alania has underlined. He has also urged people to vote in the referendum of November 13 for the status of the state of the Russian language. "It's not just thanks to my great country – the vast Russia, but it is also gratitude to our remote ancestors, the first true intellectuals of the Ossetian people, who urged us to know and love the Russian language. This was the only way our nation would touch the treasures of the European world civilization through the Great Russian language "- Mamsurov has said. He thanked President Eduard Kokoity for the hard way, done with the people of the Republic. "Eduard Dzhabeevich has been worthily completing the political work at this hardest, often thankless job. I believe in wisdom of people of South Ossetia, who will make the right choice"- Mamsurov has concluded. The action was continued with a concert of the Russian Interior Ministry Academic Song and Dance Ensemble under the direction of the General Victor Eliseev and the South Ossetian pop stars.

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