Alla Dzhioeva is waiting for a response from the Acting President


Further actions of the South Ossetian opposition will depend on the reply of the official leadership of South Ossetia, which the opposition is hoping to receive today. It has been reported to IA "Res" by the ex-candidate for presidency, the opposition leader Alla Dzhioeva.

According to her, the official response to appeal of the opposition must be followed. "We`ve become familiar with the application of the presidential press service, but now we are waiting for the response of the Acting President", - Dzhioeva has noted. She has underlined that she and her supporters will be waiting until the end of the day. "Our next steps will depend on what kind of response we receive or not receive. If we not get any reaction, tomorrow we `ll announce about our further plans, "- Dzhioeva has concluded. It should be reminded that on January 21 a rally of her supporters was held in front of her headquarters in Tskhinval, where Alla Dzhioeva announced her intention to declare the date of her inauguration after January, 23.
Dzhioeva also read out her letters to the Acting President of the Republic Vadim Brovtsev, in the latter of which she had declared of her withdrawal from the compromise agreement for resolving the political crisis following the elections in November, 2011 and had demanded to transfer her the power.

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