The presidential election in South Ossetia will be held with all responsibility in March


Measures aimed at ensuring security and stability of socio-political situation in the presidential election in South Ossetia, on March 25, 2012, were discussed at the meeting of new staff of the Security Council of the Republic, which took place on December 23 in Tskhinval.
Besides the permanent members of the Security Council, the meeting was attended by the invited members of the Russian delegation headed by Deputy Security Council Secretary of the Russian Federation Valentin Sobolev. The meeting was also attended by Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Bukayev, as well as Russia's ambassador to South Ossetia Elbrus Kargiev.

Proceeding from the experience of holding elections on November 13 and 27, members of the Security Council decided to develop a plan that aims to exclude the possibility of destabilizing the situation in the Republic. All agencies represented at the Security Council, will be involved in preparation and implementation of the plan, which provides effective different measures within the legal framework. The members of the Security Council came to conclusion that first and foremost it should be increased the punishment for rigging the voting process. The relevant law will be developed and submitted to the Parliament. Security Council has also focused on early detection and suppression of violations of the election law. Security Council ordered the CEC of South Ossetia to develop and implement measures on timely detection and prevention violations of electoral legislation, as well as resistance to possible provocations at the polls.
Security and anti-terrorist protection of crucially significant and potentially dangerous objects, as well as the objects of life support, and places of mass stay of citizens will be provided by the joint efforts of all law enforcement agencies of the Republic. Intelligence services of South Ossetia are anxious about the intent attention of some foreign countries to the electoral process in the Republic. Proceeding from this fact the work on revealing these states plans for intervention in the electoral process will become more active, as well as ensuring destructive impact on the socio-political situation in the country. However, the law enforcement agencies are tasked to oppose the intervention of criminal structures in the election campaign. In addition, the Security Council has charged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia with taking measures to attract international observers to the election monitoring.

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