Vadim Brovtsev: We will not allow anyone to disrupt the presidential election


Presidential elections in South Ossetia must be held March 25, 2011 in accordance with the current legislation and decisions of the Supreme Court and Parliament of the Republic. This has been declared by the Acting President of South Ossetia Vadim Brovtsev at the briefing in Tskhinval after the meeting with ex-presidential candidate Alla Dzhioeva. Acting President has pointed out that Alla Dzhioeva addressed to the public and personally to him, demanding categorically to implement supposedly legal procedures on transferring her power; she was also reporting about withdrawing her signature under the agreement between her and ex-President Eduard Kokoity on joint actions to resolve the political crisis in South Ossetia after the presidential election in November 2011. "In connection with this I have to state the following: all negotiations are meaningless if one party makes a decision alone.

Dzhioeva was made appointments with me as the acting president three times, and twice before she had announced her ultimatums. But as you know, by ultimatums one cannot achieve constructive decisions in the negotiations", - said Brovtsev. It is more than obvious, he has said, that any negotiations should be conducted not only structurally, but also the arrangements should be implemented. "This is directly related to the Agreement between Eduard Kokoity and Alla Dzhioeva. The Agreement, they have signed, is an important factor in stabilizing the sociopolitical situation in the Republic, and, in my opinion, all of its provisions must be performed by those who must do it"- the Acting President has underlined. Brovtsev has reminded that in accordance with the Constitution and the Agreement, signed also by Dzhioeva, he is an Acting President of the RSO until electing the new one. "In resolving the most difficult issues I will be governed merely by the law and the norms of the Basic Law - the Constitution of the Republic of South Ossetia and other laws and regulations of the Republic, including also the binding decisions of the Parliament, the Supreme Court and other legal institutions of the state", - Acting President has stated. He has noted that Parliament of South Ossetia set a date for presidential re-election on March 25, 2012, and this decision, "as the previous relevant decisions of the Supreme Court, should be performed." "Moreover, the legal office of the president and the government of South Ossetia, specifically analyzed the decisions regarding the presidential elections and recognized them as legitimate, within the legal framework of the Republic", - Brovtsev has stressed. He recalled that at present in South Ossetia a new presidential election campaign had started and said, that "in such circumstances, we should create a peaceful, conflict-free atmosphere for free expression of the citizens, in order the future president would be popularly elected with no violations and fraud." "That is what I am calling to all participants of the presidential campaign," – Brovtsev said. He has stressed that Dzhioeva has civil rights, and he treats them with respect, "but she also has responsibilities – and she will not be allowed to arrange a civil war."
"We will not allow anyone to disrupt the presidential election," - the Acting President has concluded.

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