Media Review of Georgia: Wine - to Russia, policy - to the West

Tue, 15/01/2013 - 14:03

The new leadership of Georgia stands ready to build good relations with Russia. What is the reason for the willingness of changing the vector of political development? At a press conference January 11, 2013 a member of the National Movement of Georgia Zurab Japaridze said that in Georgia had been suspended the flow of foreign investment. This writes the online edition of the Georgian "Business-Georgia" in the article "The flow of investment to Georgia has been suspended- Japaridze" on January 11, 2013.

"Economic growth is stopped, the flow of investment from abroad has decreased," - he said.
In this connection I would like to recall the situation around the Georgian wines. At the time the Georgian government has stated that the Georgian alcoholic production is competitive in the world market and prohibition of its import to Russia will not affect the economy of Georgia. Several countries, including Moldova and Ukraine for advertising reasons at the same time bought large consignment of Georgian wines. But it seems that the case has not progressed further, and the Georgian wine merchants still have big damages. Markets of other countries, where quotas have been distributed long ago, cannot replace the Russian market for Georgia. It is no coincidence that one of the first slogans of Ivanishvili was just a return of the Georgian wine to the Russian market.
This issue is very important for Georgia now, because in a social collapse, in which Georgia has found itself owing to Saakashvili's policy, the new government faces very difficult tasks and one of them is to repay the foreign debt, which exceeds 70 percent of the gross domestic product of Georgia.
Thus, the friendly rhetoric on Russia is only the means to get regular benefits without giving anything in return. This is written by a famous Georgian writer Georgy Ablotiya in the article "Being" black "," in "Georgia Online" on January 10, 2013.
"I will not give a definitive sharp assessment, such as the "dreamers" have reorientated to Moscow and are working for the Kremlin, etc. ) For the present at this stage there is no more or less convincing evidence that Georgia's new authorities are pursuing pro-Russian policy - the restoration of diplomatic relations is not planned, and the contacts are limited by secondary persons - with all due respect to the representative of the Prime Minister in the Russian area Zurab Abashidze. Moscow, in turn, is in no hurry to open out its arms, without receiving anything specific - that is, the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Georgia's accession to the Eurasian Union, the refusal of Tbilisi from projects to transport oil and gas, bypassing Russia. In short, on the whole, the relations remained frozen, and are limited to the possibility of opening the Russian market for Georgian products, "- the author has noted.
The article goes on to say, "Well, this parade of scoops - in fact is a good thing. It is like a mirror in which it is sometimes useful to look – we pay too much attention to Europe and the other wonderful things, forgetting that the scoops upbringing has not disappeared, and the number of people for whom the concert in Moscow is more important than their own state - more than we think. And yet - the good news - Georgia will honor the arrival of Her Majesty Alla Pugacheva - here where you will enjoy! Remember the stories of American writers how the great white brothers presented the Aborigines glass trinkets, and they were happy as the last cretins? The same thing here - how many Givi, Gogi, Tamaz with big noses and caps- airfields will be able to realize the irresistible and unconscious desire to be "black ....." as they are called in Russia - and they deserve it .... If a person wants to be a "black ....", then there's nothing you can do about. Well, we're not the first and the last. Georgia is not the first country that has kept a syndrome of colonial nation, a nation, ready to admire any nonsense created bythe former mother country."
At the same time, the conflict between the Georgian President Saakashvili and the new government is still ongoing.
"January 9, the Minister of Energy of Georgia Kakha Kaladze made a critical comment against President Mikhail Saakashvili. Former football player unceremoniously accused the president of lying and declared him an "enemy of Georgia." The reason for the attack was a statement made by Mikhail Saakashvili on the fact that the country had suspended construction of the power plants Khobi-1 and Khobi-2. "Within nine years Mikhail Saakashvili has been following demagoguery. The construction of these hydropower plants is taking place in accordance with the treaty, without interruption "- said Kaladze. "The recent statements [Saakashvili] are the evidence that this man is the enemy for our country, because his statements prevent the flow of investments to Georgia" - said the Minister. "This is written in "Georgia Online" in the article by Georgy Jergenia "Irrresponsible government" (January 13, 2013).
And then the government, of course, became interested in the support of Russia against the bored president, who is relying on the West. But the government wants such kind of support, for which it would have paid nothing. And this is a more difficult task.
Of course, the Georgian political elite is still concerned about the issue of occupying South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which Georgia itself separated from its structure, and then changed its mind, reiterating of the so-called "territorial integrity."
"Ombudsman of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili has supported the initiative to strengthen the ombudsmen's staff in conflict zones. He said this at a press conference. "We have the initiative to strengthen our staff in conflict zones. It will happen by the development and strengthening of our offices in Zugdidi and Gori, and especially by studying the situation in the border villages, by examining the specific incidents, specific cases. Also, along with other government agencies, we will discuss increasing of our role in the peacemaking process ", - said Nanuashvili. According to him, one can observe a lot of human rights violations in the border villages of the conflict zone, so it is important the public defender to have been involved in the process and well informed on these facts, "- says the Georgian site "Our Abkhazia" on January 11, 2013.
It's easy to shift all the ills of Georgia onto such imaginary problems, but isn’t it better to use the available resources to solve the problems of ordinary citizens? The vital role of electricity, especially in cold weather, for many families in Georgia is a luxury because of its high cost. The existing draconian power rates in Georgia are not acceptable for Georgian people. Therefore, for propaganda reasons the new government has to subsidize it.
"Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze said that to subsidize the power rates for the residents of Kakheti within three months will be allocated 275,000 GEL."The power distributional company Kakheti "is in bankruptcy stage and the reduction of the tariff for electricity in the region will come from the national budget. In total, within three months will be spent 875,000 GEL. However, if it is possible the tariff reduction throughout the year, the backing of Kakheti will be continued ", - the minister has told the reporters after the government meeting today." About this writes a newspaper "Business-Georgia" in the article "The government will subsidize the power rates for residents of Kakheti," January 11, 2013.
Another form of increasing the rating of the new government among the population of Georgia was the amnesty, which resulted in about three thousand prisoners to have been released. Among them are also the political prisoners.
"Today is a great day not only for the families of political prisoners, but for the whole Georgia, because, today has really been defeated the present regime", - told reporters Adviser to the Minister for Execution of Punishment, Probation and Legal Assistance of Georgia Lali Moroshkina (better known in South Ossetia as Deputy Minister for Special Affairs in the period of settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict); this morning she has visited the Rustavi penitentiary institution, where 15 prisoners have been released.
"Today has really been defeated the present regime, which was fighting with the people to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their homeland, with that generation, which has to build the future of Georgia. I am very happy that the government and parliament were able to do it, "- said Moroshkina.
This morning 190 people who had previously been granted the status of political prisoners, have been released from the prisons of Georgia "- said the article" Lali Moroshkina - Today was really defeated the regime" in "Georgia Online," January 13, 2013.
The same publication has reported today that "in Tbilisi, in the courtyard of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity are gathering the amnestied political prisoners. Among them is the Minister for Execution of Punishment, Probation and Legal Assistance Sozar Subari. It is unknown whether they will meet with the patriarch at the end of the service. It should be reminded that in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is being held the service led by four patriarchs and the Ecumenical Patriarch. The service is attended by the Prime Minister with his younger son, the Interior Minister Irakli Garibashvili, Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze and Vice-Speaker Dzidziguri. "
However, not everyone has greeted the Amnesty in Georgia.
"The National Movement of Georgia protested the amnesty signed by the Speaker of Parliament of Georgia. "This bill is a betrayal of the interests of the state, since have been released the Russian spies, who were organizing the acts of terror the recent years, the attacks against Georgia and its population, which often resulted in casualties," said one of the leaders of the parliamentary minority Georgy Gabashvili. According to him, this bill is cynical, as spies and terrorists not only go free, but the state is also making apology to them. "It is incomprehensible and Georgia has never declared a political amnesty, except for 1920, when the First Republic was also forced to release the Russian agents and spies, and now is the same," said Gabashvili. He emphasized that it is the "capitulatory and criminal action", for which will be responsible its initiators. " The spy network has reappeared in the country, which was destroyed and it will be re-directed against the freedom of Georgia; moreover, the criminals will raise their heads and the crime situation will also worsen, for which will be blamed the Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili and his team," he said ".
It is reported by the Georgian edition "The Caucasian Data Portal" on January 12, 2013 in the article "The" nationals" named the amnesty law the criminal action."
Georgia continues the attempts to rethink the results of the traversed path. However, the authors, based on the wrong criteria are making the same mistakes.
"Modernization of the 2004-2012 period has alienated Georgia from Russia's orbit, and moved closer to the European and Euro-Atlantic orbit. The modernization project was based on six pillars: rapid economic growth, effective state institutions, civil integration, increasing energy independence, western and multidimensional foreign policy, and participation in regional transportation projects. In 100 days after the election, we have witnessed a weakening of modernization "- is written in "Georgia Online" by a prominent Georgian politician, former Minister of Education of Georgia, former Permanent Representative of Georgia to the UN Alexander (Kakha) Lomaya in the article "1993 or 1921 ?," January 13, 2013.
"In foreign policy, Georgia is losing the image of a successful state transformation. What they think is an example for imitation the UN (House of Justice and the public procurement system - the world's best projects in the public service), World Bank (the best ten of the world in terms of running business), Transparency International (the most rapid progress in the fight against corruption), the U.S. State Department (unswerving defense of religious freedom and fundamental advances in the fight against trafficking), and many other international organizations, the new government announced a "lie" and "splurge". Are postponed several important measures of integration with NATO and the EU. But Russia has become a priority at the expense of all other directions. The normalization of relations with this country is desired, but how? The first steps in this direction are problematic. In all probability, much will have to be given up without nothing in return, or something infinitely small ", - said the author.
Finally, he comes to the far-reaching conclusion: "And now for the main danger. Recently, commenting on the administrative-territorial division of Russia, Mr. Putin mentioned as an effective model for the division of the Russian Empire in the provinces, and he cited as an example "the Tiflis province." "Georgia did not exist then" - added our northern neighbor. No need to be a special prophet to understand that when talking about the past, Mr. Putin was thinking about the future. The "Tiflis province" is not the Georgian nostalgia, but his Georgian dream. Whether the dream of Mr. Putin comes true, will be decided by the Georgian people. It is the Georgian people who must make a choice between bad and worse, whether to come back to 1993 or 1921, or go ahead, with pain, with errors, but still ahead to the civilized West."
Thus, Georgia has not yet chosen its way, to date, one thing is clear: it needs the trade area from Russia, and will continue to direct its sympathy towards the West.

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