Alexander Surinov: Statistics Office of the Russian Federation will assist the Ossetian counterparts in the development of the statistical servicesystem

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 22:09

Federal Service of the State Statistics of Russia, is ready to continue assisting its South Ossetian colleagues in creating effective modern statistical service and observation, said the head of the State Statistics of Russia Alexander Surinov at the briefing in Tskhinval after the signing of the plan of joint activities of the of State Statistics Offices of South Ossetia and Russia for 2013-2015.

"We will continue to provide appropriate assistance to our colleagues in the creation of an effective structure that will deal with statistical service and observation in accordance with the international standards, - said Surinov. – Our experts are ready to conduct training courses, consultations for the Ossetian Statistics Department staff, to render them methodological assistance. We met with the staff of the State Statistics Office of South Ossetia, the heads of the ministries and departments, discussed the main directions of work for a solution to this goal. "
As the priority areas and the priority tasks in the signed plan of joint activities, Surinov named the improvement of legislation of the Republic, the statistical service and observation.
"We need to improve the legal framework of South Ossetia in statistics. But we should not confine only to lawmaking. It`s necessary to ensure effective organization of statistical observations. This is very important. It is necessary to implement international classifications of socio-economic information, so that the information about the economy of South Ossetia would include the figures provided by the standards of international organizations ", - explained Surinov.
He also outlined the importance of preparing for the upcoming 2014 census of the population in South Ossetia.
"The work will be very difficult and demanding. We, for our part, will provide the necessaryadvisory aid and will share our experience, "- he continued.
Head of the State Statistics of Russia has also told about the planned measures to improve the collection and processing of data used in the national accounts of the RSO.

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