In Vladikavkaz experts and the public of South and North Ossetia will discuss "The Russian-Georgian relations at the present stage"

Wed, 22/05/2013 - 11:39

"The Russian-Georgian relations at the present stage "will be discussed at the round table in Vladikavkaz on Thursday, May 23.
The event, organized by the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, will be held in the North Ossetian Institute of Social and Human Studies.
The purpose of the event is a scientific and practical understanding of the current state of the Russian-Georgian relations, challenges and prospects for their development in the context of the North Caucasus policy of Georgia and the concept of "restoration of territorial integrity," as the "cement foundation" for the Georgian state.
The roundtable is held within the framework of a series of the events, the general theme of which is "Ossetia: the religious, political situation and the external factor."

It will bring together experts, representatives of religious communities and the public of North and South Ossetia.
The following topics are suggested to be discussed:
- The subject and the scope of the Russian-Georgian "dialogue";
- The development of the Russian-Georgian relations: myths and reality;
- Propaganda and subversive-terrorist activities in the North Caucasus, Georgia, in South Ossetia and Abkhazia;
- The "warming" of the Russian-Georgian relations and Ossetia: forecasts and prospects.
In the course of the round table will be a presentation of the book by a politician Islam Saydayev "To Remove the Witness," dedicated to exposing the plans of Tbilisi to support and promote ethnic separatism and Islamic terrorism in the North Caucasus.
This book is a unique historical document. For a number of years Saydayev was deputy head of the information center of the Chechen Republic in Georgia. Virtually all the information is the "first hand". Now he is a head of the department on work with public and religious associations of the Chechen Republic's Ministry of the National Policy.
In his book Saydayev has told about cooperation of the Georgian authorities and intelligence services with the Ichkerian militants and Islamic terrorists in organizing and conducting special operations against Russia and Abkhazia. Among them - the high-rise apartments explosion in Moscow by members of the "Karachai Jamaat" in 1999, the raid by Gelaev into the Kodori Gorge (2001), "Nord-Ost" (2002), creation of the "Caucasus Emirate" (2007), the operation in Lopotsky Gorge (2012) etc.
"My experience of communication with the "overseas partners" has confirmed that it is Russia, but not America, a true ally of the Muslims, and most importantly, only Russia shows concern about the Chechens," - concluded Saydayev.
The author will also take part in the presentation.
The roundtable will begin at 10.00.

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