The South Ossetian public organization "Sunrise" took part in the International Youth Conference in Moscow

Thu, 21/11/2013 - 15:14

Representatives of the South Ossetian youth public organization "Sunrise", headed by its Chairman, Michael Kochiev, took part in the International Youth Conference "Youth, Parliamentarianism and Eurasian Integration, " held in Moscow on November 14.

As Michael Kochiev said in his interview with the news agency "Res", the conference was held within the framework of the II International Parliamentary Forum, organized by the Youth Public Chamber of Russia, the Public Chamber of Russia, with support of the State Duma of Russia.
"The aim of the conference was to strengthen youth cooperation in Eurasia, promote interaction, exchange of experience," - said Kochiev.
According to him , the conference focused on the role of youth in the development of civil society, democracy, parliamentarianism, the prospects for the development of international youth cooperation in Eurasia and creation of the Eurasian Youth Parliament, as well as the intensification of youth cooperation in Eurasia, public diplomacy, inter-cultural dialogue , etc.
"In my opinion, the issues of integration into the Eurasian space, are important for South Ossetia, and the prospect of joining the Eurasian Union, certainly, has its advantages in terms of security and economic development of the Republic", - stressed Kochiev.
He has added that the leadership of the South Ossetian youth public organization "Sunrise" reached an agreement with the organizers of the conference on cooperation in various fields.

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