Leonid Tibilov: I'm confident of the uniting power of church

Wed, 08/01/2014 - 12:38

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has received the clergy of the Alanian Diocese and the 4-th Russian military base. The meeting was also attended by the Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on religion Sonia Khubaeva.
The President congratulated those present on Christmas holiday, expressing the hope that in 2014 the church and the state will cooperate fruitfully.

"Let me congratulate you on the wonderful holiday of Christmas, which is celebrated by all Orthodox Christians, not only in South Ossetia, but also throughout Russia" , - said the president,
noting the unifying power of church, as an important factor in overcoming social differences.
"A split, once existing in our society, should remain in history. We must move forward, and we have to note the role of church - I'm confident of its unifying force," – emphasized the President, adding that the South Ossetian Orthodoxy is the basis of national consciousness.
He has stressed that the year 2014 will be dedicated to the completion of the recovery process, after which the Republic will enter a new stage of socio-economic development.
On Christmas holiday the head of state was congratulated by the clergy of the Alanian Eparchy and the Russian military base.
"The path of serving the people chosen by you initially is positive. You inherited a difficult ruling, and it is gratifying to see your service to the people for the benefit of constructive endeavour of the country. We wish you God's grace,"- said the priest of the 4th military base Andrei Zizo, presenting the Orthodox calendar and the vessel with the church oil from Bethlehem to the President.
In turn, archpriest of the Tskhinval churches Father Jacob (Khetagurov) has noted that the presidency of Leonid Tibilov has a positive influence on the church life in the Republic.
"Attending almost all our major church events, you show that you consider the church an integral part of the state. This has a positive effect on the relationship between the church and the state,"- said Father Jacob.
He has added, that it is planned to have a fruitful dialogue between the Alan Diocese and the Russian Orthodox Church.
"It is important to note that about half of the clergy of North Ossetia are natives of South Ossetia, that also has a positive effect on our relationship," – said Father Jacob, presenting gifts from the Alan Diocese to the President.

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