Where will the Georgian authorities lead their country?

Sun, 18/12/2016 - 12:12

The Georgian population is seriously disappointed in democratic procedures and is gradually losing faith in the European course of development.

This is evidenced by the results of the recent parliamentary elections in Georgia. Experts have noted that turnout of voters was only half of the country's citizens. At the same time a considerable part of those who came to the polling stations experienced certain pessimism about the pro-Western policy of development of the Georgian state.

It indicates that Georgia is at a political deadlock, and more and more voters feel this fact.
The statements of the Georgian politicians that the Western course of development will enable them to become a full member of the EU and NATO failed to be implemented and led to disappointment.

The theme of the North Atlantic integration should be considered separately. Leaving aside the loud statements of the current president Mr. Margvelashvili and its predecessor, the criminal Saakashvili, it is interesting to know what concrete benefits Georgia has got from contacts with NATO.

Without NATO, Saakashvili would have never ventured into a bloody adventure in August 2008. The problem of resolving conflicts with South Ossetia and Abkhazia would have been remained under the ongoing negotiation process, very difficult, but not bloody. A lot of people would have survived.

Currently Georgian servicemen participate in all international NATO military operations all over the world, where NATO troops are fighting. Georgian servicemen are wounded, gave their lives for alien interests. On the territory of the country are periodically held military exercises with the involvement of the western contingent that does not contribute to peace and stability in the region. On the contrary, the main objective of the West is to incite Georgia against Russia, constantly trying to cash in on the issue of the "occupied territories".

Recently, on the territory of the joint NATO and Georgia's Center for training and assessment (JTEC) near Tbilisi have started the military exercises "NATO-Georgia 2016". This year it is the third multinational exercises on the territory of Georgia - after "Noble Partner" in May and "Agile Spirit" in September. There is a systematic build-up of scale and intensity of the operational training of the Georgian armed forces according to NATO standards with the active involvement of the command and staff structures of the Alliance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, as well as the press-service of the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia have stated that the measures to improve the level of combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Georgia by NATO, the constituent part of which is to hold the military exercises- is to support the confrontational policy of Georgia and strengthening its military and political ambitions. The leaders of the Washington Regional Committee force a fully under controlled Margvelashvili once again put the country on the verge of resuming military adventures.

Something similar happens with the issue of Georgia's accession to the EU. Brussels attracts Tbilisi by "membership", in fact, knowing well that a poverty-ridden country, and even with territorial claims to the independent states is absolutely useless for Europe. Even the visa liberalization the EU promises to the Georgians not the first year.

So where will lead Georgia its current president Mr. Margvelashvili and his supporters of European integration and Russophobia? Moreover, the impoverished people are less willing to believe in a beautiful fairy tale of Brussels and Washington about the beautiful future.

Inal Pliev,
International expert of IA "Res"

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