Online Ossetian language school will be created in Belgium

Wed, 22/01/2020 - 14:24

Belgian Ossetians will learn their native language for free in an online school, which will soon be available to everyone, transmit “Wings TV” the words of the customer of the program, Deputy Chairman of the Ossetian diaspora “Alanty nykhas” in Belgium Roman Aliyev.

According to him, initially the idea arose to open a school that would bring together Ossetian students of the kingdom, but as a result they decided that it would be much more efficient to create an online site, because many who wish would have to travel hundreds of kilometers.

“We decided to organize online courses so that everyone could access and everyone could study the Ossetian language right from home. Now the experts are developing this whole system so that everyone can freely navigate and learn the Ossetian language absolutely free, ”Aliev said.

Roman Aliev has added that future users of online schools will have the opportunity to choose a training program - Ossetian-Dutch or Ossetian-French, since when creating the resource, we took into account that there are two state languages ​​in Belgium.

“The program will also contain French, so I will share it with our brothers, the French Ossetians. There are many Ossetians in France who grew up there, were born there, and even grew old. They don’t speak Ossetian, they don’t know Russian either, so I would like them to learn how to pronounce at least a couple of phrases in their native language. I think they will be pleased; I want to give people such a gift,” he said.

At the same time, training will take place not only in text format, online school participants will be able to listen to audio additions to the lessons in order to know how to pronounce a particular sound or word.

“I really want everything to be beautifully shown, so that the language sounds beautiful, without accents and without distortions,” Aliev said.

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