Crimes must be condemned, and genocide recognized: historian on the work to recognize the Ossetian genocide

Thu, 18/06/2020 - 21:37

Regarding the recognition of the genocide of the Ossetian people, the 100th anniversary of which is marked this year, it is necessary to use the so-called popular diplomacy, communicate with non-governmental organizations, social movements, ordinary people, regardless of the position of an individual, the historian Robert Kulumbegov believes.

“One of the key areas in the recognition of the Ossetian genocide in southern Ossetia is international recognition, and today measures are being taken to appeal to diplomatic missions of Western countries, as well as to various state bodies,” Kulumbegov told IA “Res.”.

“We must understand that in the West, public participation is of great importance. Moreover, recognition should not come from the top, but from the bottom, the public should force their government, state authorities, institutions responsible for condemning the genocide. And the public is not only politicians and activists, but also ordinary people - drivers, housewives, teachers, etc. Indeed, during elections, politicians always turn to the opinion of ordinary voters,” the historian emphasized.

He added that this work should be carried out simultaneously by state bodies and social movements, crimes should be condemned, and genocide recognized.

"For now, perhaps, in the form of a public initiative, we can demand that their government recognize the fact of the genocide," Kulumbegov said.

June 20 in South Ossetia, on the anniversary of the shooting of 13 communards by Georgian punishers, by the decree of President Anatoly Bibilov was declared the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of the People of South Ossetia by Georgia.

To achieve recognition and condemnation of the Ossetian genocide by the international community and Georgia itself is a national task and a guarantee that there will be no relapse of the genocide, the Foreign Ministry said earlier.

In connection with the 100th anniversary of the Ossetian genocide, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia sent an appeal to foreign governments and international organizations to recognize and condemn the Ossetian genocide as a serious crime against humanity.

South Ossetia calls on the international community to take more decisive steps to increase the responsibility of states in protecting peoples from genocide, in combating impunity and in preventing such crimes. The recognition of the Ossetian Genocide is a matter of historical justice and requires the manifestation of political will.

In memory of the victims of the genocide on June 20, mourning events will be held in the Republic and embassies abroad, state flags will be lowered, wreaths will be laid at the monument to 13 communards at the Zguder cemetery, services will be held in churches in memory of the victims.

At 12:00 on Saturday, a nationwide minute of silence will be observed.

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