In 2004 September began to cry with bloody tears: commemorative events are being held in South Ossetia

Tue, 01/09/2020 - 21:01

The memory of those who perished at the hands of terrorists in 2004 at Beslan School No. 1 is honored in South Ossetia. Funeral events are being held throughout the Republic. As told IA "Res", on Tuesday, September 1, by Minister of Culture of the Republic Zhanna Zasseeva, memorable meetings, events, photo stands are organized in all libraries and club institutions of the Republic.

“There is a day in the calendar of the Ossetian and Russian people that has become the Day of Angels in modern history. This day is September 3, 2004, when a monstrous terrorist act took place in Beslan. Since then, every year in South Ossetia, as well as in North Ossetia, memorable events are held,” she said.

According to Zasseeva, the main events are scheduled for September 3, starting at 10.00 on the central square of Tskhinval. "Today we have started preparations for this memorable day."

“In August, we worked out a plan of events related to the Days of Remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack, the main ones will be held on September 3. Beslan is forever in our memory,” she said.

The Minister said that schoolchildren bring to the central square where the event will be held. what they would like to give to the victims “Someone has already brought a teddy bear. And the river of unforgettable will be woven,” she said.

“We must remember that 334 meters of fabric on which the photographs will be exhibited symbolically constitutes the water of this river - pure, transparent, without a single blot, like children's souls. This is a very painful and touching preparation time, when, looking into the eyes of each child in the photo, you think that you are to blame for something, because you did not save them. I really want everyone who comes to the event on September 3 to remember that we are indebted to these children because we did not save them,” Zhanna Zasseeva said.

She has noted that the action "Rustle of Angels' Wings" and "Lesson of Memory" will take place on the same day.

“Schoolchildren and teachers are on the memory watch. I thought that children should not be involved in this event, but when they told that they knew about Beslan, I thought - my people will live, because the memory is alive in the minds of these children. In 2004, September cried with bloody tears, let's do everything to prevent this from happening again,” said the Minister.

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