Let the memory candles burn: South Ossetia will remember the August 2008 war


Commemorative events entitled "Let the candles burn", timed to the anniversary of the August 2008 war, will be held in South Ossetia. From 1 to 7 August, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of South Ossetia will be holding a nationwide action in memory "# 08.08.08."

As Minister of Culture of South Ossetia Zhanna Zasseeva told reporters, from August 5 in all settlements of the Republic there will be organized meetings with the defenders of the Fatherland “The guys wanted to live so much, and were not going to die…”.

“I want the battalion commanders and soldiers to become the main characters, but they will not talk about themselves, but about the guys who are no longer with them, so that they will remember everyone. The meeting will be held in the format of a dialogue with pupils, students and ordinary people in order not to forget. Probably, as long as a person is remembered, he is living in memory and consciousness,” she said.

Zasseeva has noted that on August 6, flowers will be laid at all monuments and obelisks in the Republic of South Ossetia: “so that we can visit every grave, in every settlement. Even if there are wildflowers, not necessarily wreaths, just flowers and human memory. "

According to the Minister, the next day at 19.00 in the "Museum of burnt souls" in the village of Tbet an action "Our memory is as bright as a tear" will take place.

“Those who have not forgotten how the cars were burning on the Zar road, how we buried these people, how we wrote statements to the international criminal court and sent them, can come there. To this day, our statements are still in place. Every day that we have lived, we must bring closer the consideration of all applications that were sent immediately after 2008,” she said.

On the same day, at 20:00, an hour of memory and sorrow will take place at the Gergiev Stairs near the building of the Parliament of the Republic - "Just not to forget ...".

"Every caring person should take part in commemorative events."

The funeral events will end on August 8 at 11:00 with the laying of flowers at the "Defenders of the Fatherland" memorial on Tuganov Street in Tskhinval.

The Minister of Culture has added that these days there will also be an action "I will sprout by grass to you" in memory of the victims who did not allow the implementation of the Georgian operation "Clean Field" in 2008.

According to her, the Ministry of Culture has ordered more than three thousand badges, which will be distributed throughout the Republic.

“The badge will depict a piece of nature - a large tree with powerful roots, the inscription 08.08.08. “I will sprout by grass to you,” says every peacemaker who died for this land, and we must know that these guys did not allow the implementation of the Operation Clear Field. From August 1 to August 7, everyone who shares this memory with us should be with this badge. We will distribute them as we distributed the St. George ribbon,” Zasseeva said.

According to her, this action is a symbol of memory and gratitude to all the guys who gave their lives for the freedom of South Ossetia and brought peace and tranquility to their native land.

"The perished fighters do not die; they will live in the hearts of their descendants."

It should be reminded that Ministry of Culture of South Ossetia is inviting residents of the Republic to join the nationwide action in memory of "# 08.08.08.", timed to coincide with the next anniversary of Georgia's full-scale military aggression against South Ossetia.

The action is held for the first time and starts from 1 to 7 August. To participate in the action, it is necessary to shoot a video, slides, documentary series (optional) 60 seconds long dedicated to the 2008 war. The subject of the video, its genre, method and means of shooting, composition, content, design - no restrictions. It is allowed to use titles, sound accompaniment, editing and other technical means of computer processing of the material. "

The action "# 08.08.08." is a tribute to the victims of the August war. Ready videos may be sent to e-mail: [email protected] until August 6.

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