Georgia is living in some kind of virtual world, - Anatoly Bibilov


Three main issues remain unresolved - this is the issue of security, the missing citizens of South Ossetia and the illegal post in Uista (Tsnelis), - said President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov at the meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions on Thursday.

"There is the documented information that the three guys were definitely in the hands of the Georgian police. Let them give us at least the remains, so that we can bury them humanly, and relatives can come to their graves," the President said.

Annika Sedder, the OSCE Co-Chair, has said that a lot of work is underway to find the missing. Toivo Klaar, Chihan Sultanoglu and Annika Söder, the EU, UN and OSCE co-chairs of the Geneva discussions on security in Transcaucasia, are to meet with the Prosecutor General of Georgia.

The head of state has noted that he absolutely does not belittle the desire of the co-chairs to resolve these issues, "but there is no any result."

"It seems to me that Georgia is living in some kind of virtual world, in wartime. It's time to come to terms with reality, start solving the issue, and first of all, remove the illegal post from Uista. We need to move away from double approaches. We are ready to resolve all issues., we always fulfill our obligations, "Bibilov emphasized.

Toivo Klar, the EU co-chair, explained that he "counts on the goodwill of all the participants in the discussions, and it is important that one participant understands the position of the other - then there will be a result."

Anatoly Bibilov expressed gratitude to the co-chairs for their work. "Your position is to remove tension, for us it is clear, but the positions of the parties should be formulated clearly, otherwise how to talk about de-escalation," the President said.

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