The Russian army doctors in South Ossetia are taking measures against coronavirus

Wed, 27/10/2021 - 20:04

In the units of the Russian military base of the Southern Military District in South Ossetia, doctors are taking measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection, as well as seasonal illnesses among military personnel.

According to the press service of the army, the thermometry of the military and civilian personnel is carried out at the checkpoints of the base. To improve the immunity of servicemen in the dining room, vitamins are given at meals, and in the soldiers' hostels, the procedure for through ventilation of residential and office premises has been determined.

Medical specialists are constantly monitoring the general condition of the contingent, On a regular basis, servicemen of the military base undergo revaccination against coronavirus infection.

Specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the base carry out disinfectants treatment of working and living quarters, as well as military equipment and vehicles.

At the Dzartsem training ground, before the start of the winter training period, special drying points for military uniforms were equipped, and additional food in the form of hot tea, bread, bacon and garlic is already provided for all practical exercises in combat training.

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