Children from Donbass will study in a new modern Tskhinval school

Mon, 28/02/2022 - 18:19

19 children from families of internally displaced persons from the Donetsk People's Republic will begin the educational process at the Tskhinval school No. 3 on Wednesday, Olga Siukayeva, head of the education department of the Tskhinval administration, told the “Res” news agency.

"Sets of textbooks and school supplies have already been prepared for future students of one of the capital's educational institutions. They will start studying tomorrow. These are children who will go to grades 2-9, the possibility of teaching two 10th grade students at school is also being considered," Siukayeva said.

According to her, the proposal to send their children to school was announced to the internally displaced people from the DPR during a meeting held with the participation of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic, Nataly Gassiyeva.

“Parents welcomed the opportunity for their children to attend school, which they say will have a beneficial effect on their psychological state,” she stressed.

It should be reminded that thr internally displaced persons from the Donetsk People's Republic arrived to Tskhinval last Saturday. 42 people were evacuated, 24 of them were children under 12 years old. The refugees were accommodated on the territory of the Victoria Hotel in Tskhinval.

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