Inauguration of the new head of South Ossetia Gagloev is planned for May 24 - CEC head

Wed, 11/05/2022 - 16:36

The inauguration of the leader in the elections of the President of South Ossetia, Alan Gagloev, will presumably take place on May 24, the head of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, Emilia Gagieva, told the “Res” news agency

The presidential elections were held on Sunday 8 May. The final turnout was 68.2%, excluding data outside the republic. According to the results of counting 97% of the ballots, the leader of the Nykhas opposition party, Alan Gagloev, is leading in the elections, 54.2% of voters voted for him, and 43.3% voted for his opponent, the incumbent President Anatoly Bibilov.

"The inauguration will presumably take place on May 24. Today we received the protocols from Moscow, yesterday we received them from Sukhum. Today, some protocols will be processed in which typos have been identified. And tomorrow, on May 12, we will hold a meeting durung which the final protocol for the presidential elections will be approved May 8," the head of the CEC said.

As for the date of Gagloev's inauguration, according to the head of the CEC, it will take place on the 10th day after the publication of the final voting protocol in state newspapers after counting 100% of the ballots.

“Our state newspapers are published on Thursday and Saturday, so the protocol will most likely be published in the Saturday issue of the Yuzhnaya Ossetia and Khurzarin newspapers, which means that the countdown starts from Sunday on the 10th day - this is May 24,” - said Emilia Gagiev.

Earlier, President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov admitted defeat in the second round and congratulated Gagloev on his victory.

Below is a biographical note.

Alan Eduardovich Gagloev was born on February 6, 1981 in the city of Tskhinvali in the South Ossetian Autonomous Region of the Georgian SSR (now Tskhinval, the Republic of South Ossetia).

In 2002, he simultaneously graduated from the Faculty of Economics and the Correspondence Department of the Faculty of Law of the A. A. Tibilov South Ossetian State University. In 2003, he completed advanced training courses in the city of Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia) under the presidential training program in the Russian Federation.

In 2001, he was hired by the Ministry of Economic Development of South Ossetia, as the chief specialist of the department for supporting small and medium-sized businesses and antimonopoly policy, where he worked until 2004.

In 2002, he joined the State Security Committee. In 2017, he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

In February 2017, he was nominated as a candidate for the presidency of South Ossetia. As a result of the elections, he won a little more than 10% of the votes.

In the spring of 2018, he decided to create his own political party, the Alan Union, but the South Ossetian Ministry of Justice refused to register it.

In February 2020, Gagloev headed the Nykhas political party. In the current convocation of the Parliament of South Ossetia, the party has four deputy mandates.

In February of this year, Gagloev was again nominated as a candidate for the presidency of the republic. According to the results of the first round of the presidential elections, held on April 10, he won 36.9% of the vote and advanced to the second round.

On May 9, the head of the CEC of the Republic, Emilia Gagieva, announced that Gagloev, according to the results of counting 97% of the ballots, was in the lead in the presidential elections in South Ossetia, 54.2% of voters voted for him.

Gagloev was awarded state and departmental awards, including Russian ones. Has a premium weapon.

Married, two children.

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