The products of the Leningor brewery will be presented for the first time at Prodexpo 2023

Thu, 26/01/2023 - 22:40

"The high-mountain Kel brewery" for the first time will take part in the international exhibition of food and beverages "Prodexpo - 2023" in Moscow. Taimuraz Goginov, trade representative of South Ossetia in Russia, announced this at the press conference at the Information and Press Committee.

He has noted that South Ossetia is participating in this exhibition for the fifth time.

“Our Republic has its own national exposition, which is distinguished by its color. In this anniversary exhibition for us, we decided to increase the area of our exhibition pavilion. It has become more spacious, now we can present more products,” Goginov said.

The trade representative has stressed that this is the largest exhibition in Eurasia and participation in it is only beneficial for manufacturers.

“It presents food, drinks. Prodexpo is also a kind of launching pad for the presentation of a new product and entering the market,” he has noted.

Goginov has shared that for the first time a new exporter will be presented from the Republic – the High-Mountain Kel Brewery.

“The brewery is presenting its products at Prodexpo and thereby starting its deliveries to the Russian Federation.” Three types of beer will be presented - one dark and two light," he has clarified.

According to him, thanks to participation in such expositions, more and more people learn about South Ossetia.

“The Republic is known for its quality products supplied to the Russian market. These are our wineries, apple orchards. Participation in Prodexpo gives us the opportunity to become part of the international division of labor,” Goginov added.

He has noted that he is expecting positive results from the exhibition and invited the entrepreneurs who want to supply their products to the Russian market to join the participation.

"This requires only a desire, no financial investments are needed," the trade representative stressed.

The international exhibition of food and beverages "Prodexpo - 2023" will begin its work in the Russian capital on February 6.

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