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Mon, 19/01/2009 - 11:36

Yuri Dzidtsoity: «Life realities had shown how right our decisions and actions were»

On 19 January 1992, the Referendum of the Republic of South Ossetia on independence and unfification with Russia had shown «the legal validity of democratic changes implemented by thge Republic"s Supreme Soviet and Government based on strict adherence to norms of international law and frames for managing national and political tasks» (extract from the Statement of the RSO Central Election Commission).

Yuri Dzitsoity, Vice-Speaker of the RSO Parliament: We are celebrating the 17th Anniversary of the Referendum already in a recognized state. We should bear in mind that this Referendum was held right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in full accordance with adopted Soviet Union Law on «Procedure for secession of Union Republics», which envisaged referendum in the breakaway Republic. It is worth mentioning that the Law provided procedures for the case when the Republic had its autonomous entities.

Mon, 19/01/2009 - 11:33

Meeting Between Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and the Republic of South Ossetia is to be held 20 January

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of RSO Murat Djioev is meeting with the RF Foreigm Minister Sergei Lavrov Tuesday, 20 January. «RSO Foreign Minister Murat Djioev is having a formal working meeting with Foreign Minister of the RF Sergei Lavrov. The South Ossetian delegation also includes Special Representative of the RSO President on post-conflict issues Boris Chochiev», said Deputy Foreign Minister Alan Pliev.