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Mon, 29/06/2015 - 21:23

The Delegation of the public organization "Union of the Peoples of the Samara region" met with the rector of the South Ossetian State University

Administration of the South-Ossetian State University headed by the rector Vadim Tedeev met with a delegation of the Russian regional public organization "Union of the Peoples of the Samara region" headed by the Chairman Rostislav Khugaev. The meeting was attended by the Patriarch of Ossetian literature, scholar and publicist Nafi Dzhussoyty.
Rector of the South Ossetian State University Vadim Tedeev welcomed the guests, told them about the history of the university, its traditions and plans for the future.
"South Ossetian State University has a proud tradition - said the rector. - It is one of the oldest universities in the Caucasus."
The rector has noted that under the Investment Program to promote socio-economic development of the Republic in 2015-2017 will be constructed the new university complex.
"This year we will develop design and estimate documentation for the university complex, from January 2016 will begin demolition of buildings and the construction of the campus- said Tedeev. - I think, when the university complex is built, it will be easier to solve the current problems, to improve the functioning of the university. "
Rostislav Khugaev, in turn, spoke about the challenges facing the organization "Union of the Peoples of the Samara region."
"We often talk about the fact that Russia will be richer if the nations feel comfortable in our country - said Khugaev. - All members of the delegation are doing everything to preserve the language, culture, thanks to each of them reigns a friendship between different nationalities. Arriving in South Ossetia, having become acquainted with its culture and education in the country, each person on arrival home will talk about what they saw and heard. "
During the event, the public figure from Ossetia, the winner of the national award "Apple of Narts", the Chairman of the charitable public fund "Amond" Kazbek Chelekhsaty donated to the South Ossetian State University the medal issued by the fund in honor of the patriarch of the Ossetian literature Nafi Dzhusoyty.
Chelekhsaty also gave a positive assessment of the South Ossetian University.
"I am very pleased that with the appointment of a new rector one can see real innovations at the university that were necessary and are yielding positive results," - said Chelekhsaty.
Nafi Dzhussoyty, in turn, drew attention to the issues of preserving the languages of the peoples.
"For us, the biggest dream is a dream of friendship of nations - said Dzhussoyty. - Without this, in fact, we have no future. We, poets have always wondered about one thing - what is the future of our language, and, of course, our people. We must do everything so that our languages should have a future – that is our main task. "
Members of the delegation asked the rector of the university questions, shared impressions of their stay in South Ossetia.
The Chairman of the Jewish national-cultural autonomy "Tarbut Laam" of the city of Samara Marc Kogan expressed his admiration for the program of stay in the Republic.
"I am delighted with the program of our stay in South Ossetia, the people with whom we met, - said Kogan. - We have met with people with outstanding intelligence. "
Kogan wished the staff of the South Ossetian university fruitful work and success.
"You are, in my opinion, at the beginning of a nice way, you sow reasonable, good, eternal, - said Kogan, addressing the rector and faculty of the university. - you, your work, your university is the center of attraction for all the intellectual and political forces so that respect for intellectual work should be demonstrated not only in verbal respect, but also in the implementation of various projects. "
The delegation of the Russian regional public organization "Union of the Peoples of the Samara region" has included representatives of the Tatar, Ukrainian, Armenian, Dagestan, Jewish, German and other nationalities.
At the end of the meeting the guests and hosts exchanged gifts.