The threat of life of children of the village Tamarasheni has appeared to be false

Wed, 23/05/2007 - 09:20

In the village Tamarasheni, which is situated in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict, today afternoon a subject similar to mine has been found. With the purpose of checking of the received information the group of tripartite military observers and the representatives of the Mission of OSCE, accompanied by the sappers of the Russian battalion from the structure of JPKF has left there.
As the assistant of the commander of JPKF on work with the mass-media, the captain Vladimir Ivanov has informed the correspondent of «Res», «a fragment of ammunition has been withdrawn by the military observers in two and a half meters from the school yard on the roadside out of the ground. Most likely, that the fragment of the tail part of the120 mm. mine from an army mortar have been delivered in autumn of 2006 at carrying out of the road works. The given subject does not present any danger to peace citizens».

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