Nugzar Gabaraev: Rural areas of South Ossetia are regularly provided with medicines

Thu, 26/03/2009 - 11:16

Rural areas are regularly provided with medicines. Deputy Government Chairman, Health and Social Development Minister Nugzar Gabarev reported this to IA RES.
”First aid posts in rural areas are provided with medicines in strict accordance with requests received from District Chief Doctors. The requests are fulfilled in two days. There was no case when we refused to provide assistance”, said Gabaraev.
According to him, “medicines are provided free of charge only to persons entitled to social benefits according to doctor’s prescriptions. Earlier, the Health Ministry was providing free medicines only to those who received South Ossetian pensions. Today, upon the decision of RSO President Eduard Kokoity, the categories of persons entitled for free medicines and other allowances are widened. Now, even those WWII veterans who receive North Ossetian pensions are entitled to free medicines”, said Gabaraev.
”In emergency cases, ambulances take the patients to the Republican hospital”, underscored Gabaraev, adding that “the Ministry is not obliged to provide medicines to those who do not fall under beneficiary category and was not provided with doctor’s prescription”.

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