The scheduled meeting of the working groups within the frames of the Geneva discussions cancelled

Mon, 15/06/2009 - 13:33

The South Ossetian side insists on Georgian authorities’ acknowledging the fact of abduction of RSO citizens and their illegal detention on the territory of Georgia, which is proved by the video material of their interrogation.
As stated by the Special Representative for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev, “within the frames of the Geneva discussions, where South Ossetia takes part on the basis equal to that of other sides and international agencies, the mechanism for prevention of and reaction to security incidents was approved and we consider that it is necessary to settle emergency issues within the frames of it. The issues which could emerge in particular at the bordering areas of Georgia and South Ossetia.”
”However, after the second meeting, some participants consider it more as a mechanism for political pressure”, said Chochiev. “I once again state that on 13 October, the Georgian special services abducted three our citizens. There is a video material which is a proof of the fact who exactly abducted them. This was conveyed to the participants in the Geneva discussions, but the Georgian side continued refuting the fact of their presence on the territory of Georgia. Unfortunately, international organizations Saakashvili regime is hiding behind continue to settle problems for Georgia and also state that our citizens are not in Georgia. The EUMM observers “conduct investigation” and search for, and the Georgian side does not even consider it necessary to search for them”, underscored Chochiev. According to Boris Chochiev, if the Georgian side does not provide information on these men’s whereabouts, South Ossetia sees no sense in the meetings of the working groups.
”For us it is one of the most important issues which is not take into account neither by Georgia nor by EU and OSCE. It means, they will similarly deal with less critical problems. What is the sense of these meetings?” , said Boris Chochiev adding that “the format of negotiations is needed providing we receive the information on the fate of our citizens”.

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