Armed Forces of South Ossetia are conducting routine exercise

Fri, 07/08/2009 - 09:39

Armed Forces of South Ossetia are conducting a routine exercise to increase their level of combat readiness and professionalism. The exercise are conducted at the fire-range of the Ministry of Defense, few kilometers from Tskhinval. Here, motorized infantry battalions and artillerists are rotating for two-week trainings. A bit farther, a tank training area is located. At the fire-range, the infantry personnel are having fire exercise while tank crews are mastering their driving skills.

First, the officers with their crews walk through the whole route (about 10 km), then the tank crews are deploying battle formation.
“Today, we are having the tank company exercises. It is necessary to pay attention to combat readiness of the forces. The probability of a new war is real, judging from the aggressive statements of our southern neighbors. We are always ready for this”, said Major Robert Bibilov, the Commander of the 1st motorized infantry battalion.

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