Vaidm Brovtsev met with representatives of public organizations of the Republic

Tue, 13/10/2009 - 12:50

The Chairman of the South Ossetian Government Vadim Brovtsev met with representatives of public organizations. Representatives of “Russian Union of Afghan Veterans” and Trade Union Council participated in the meeting. Representatives of the South Ossetian Regional Organization “Union of Afghan Veterans” discussed with Vadim Brovtsev the possible variants for cooperation. Prime Minister promised the Afghan Veteran Organizations to help in getting more social benefits.

Chairman of the Trade Unions Council Zhanna Gergaulova told the Government Chair that there about 4000 members in the organization. Part of them are members to sector organizations, but employees of healthcare, education or culture have no a trade union”. “Under these conditions of economic rehabilitation it is extremely important to build up the system of relations between employer and employee”, said Zhanna Gergaulova. – We should ensure observance of all rights of workers so that there are no rumors about the upcoming downsizing in the organizations, and so that all structure changes are done in the interest of workers so that they would have legal labor contracts”.
Based on the results of this meeting, Vadim Borvtsev recommended the Trade union Council to elaborate a trilateral agreement on cooperation between trade unions, Government and employers in South Ossetia.

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