Murat Dzhioev: the Georgian troops movement is observed along the borders of South Ossetia

Tue, 18/09/2012 - 16:57

Co-Chairs of the Geneva discussions on Security in Transcaucasia, arrived today in South Ossetia on a working visit, have met in Tskhinval with the South Ossetian negotiators.
Opening the meeting, the Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev expressed the hope that this visit would further strengthen security in the region, and the parties would be satisfied with the work done.

He has also said that since the last meeting on July18, the situation in the region is stable, no special incidents have occurred.
"But we cannot say about substantial progress. Ordinary citizens have been violating the state border rather often. The border guards are monitoring the situation, and the violators most likelyreceive a warning and go home,"- said Dzhioev.
He also informed about the meeting within the framework of the Mechanism for Prevention and Reaction to Incidents, where had been discussed specifically the situation in the Georgian village of Zardiantkari, which is bordering on South Ossetia, after placing there a police post of Georgia.
"Though we were discussing this issue actively, it is at a complete standstill. The post is still in Zardiantkari, and the inhabitants of the village every week contact us with their concerns,"- underlined Dzhioev.
The envoy has stressed that the friendliness displayed since the first few days after placing the post, is winding down, and the dwellers personally feel thefruits of the Georgian policepresence.
"Illegal entry into the homes of the rural residents is taking place more and more often. The population cannot move freely. I ask again to raise this issue at a meeting with the Georgian authorities,"- he said.
Dzhioev has added, that the law-enforcement agencies of South Ossetia observe the movement of the Georgian troops along the borders of the Republic, which has also caused concern of the residents.
In turn, co-chair of the EU Podrig Murphy has said that for them is of great importance to discuss openly all the issues of the negotiation process.
"Our common goal is to eliminate the possibility of resumption of the military conflict and rid the people of that fear," - he emphasized.
According to Murphy, the co-chairs have some suggestions to strengthen security, to make progress in the discussion of humanitarian issues and to make more active the working groups of the Geneva discussions.
Then the meeting continued without the presence of the media.
Today is expected the meeting of the co-chairs with the RSO President Leonid Tibilov, as well as the visit to the Tire monastery and to the villages, located to the north of Tskhinval.

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