Leonid Tibilov: The Constitution of South Ossetia predetermined the path of the Republic as the state of a free nation

Wed, 09/04/2014 - 10:20

The adoption in 2001 of the Basic Law, which proclaimed the supreme value a man, his life, rights and property, was a landmark event in our history, said today the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov in conversation with representatives of the South Ossetian and Russian media.
The President congratulated all citizens on this remarkable day.

"The goals, values and mechanisms stated by the Constitution have proved their worth, helped to overcome the difficulties in our society and took the path of sustainable development. The Constitution predetermined the path of the Republic of South Ossetia as the state of free nation, as a society, for which the highest value is the rights and dignity of every person," - the president said.
Leonid Tibilov has added that the Republic of South Ossetia is a sovereign democratic legal state created as a result of self-determination of the people of South Ossetia.
"Firmness of these principles enshrined in the Basic Law is our common task. The Constitution reflects the current realities of the development of the Republic of South Ossetia, as well as the fundamental principles of international law," - said the president.
Leonid Tibilov has also stressed that, like any rulemaking product, the Constitution should be improved.
"Since 2001 have been adopted 17 amendments to the Constitution," - said the president.
It should be noted that the President initiated a lot of work to improve the Constitution. He personally headed the Commission to improve the constitutional legislation, which included practicing lawyers, MPs and experts in constitutional law.
"In 2012 was abolished such constitutional mechanism as the Government Presidium, which violated the integrity of the structure of the executive branch. In March 2013, taking advantage of the right of legislative initiative the President initiated amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of South Ossetia, delegating the constitutional powers to form the courts to the Parliament of the Republic - these are the steps to balance the constitutional system of checks and balances ", - concluded the head of state.
«Именно с 2012 года был упразднен такой конституционный механизм, как президиум правительства, который нарушал целостность структуры органов исполнительной власти. В марте 2013 года, воспользовавшись правом законодательной инициативы, президент инициировал внесение изменений в Конституцию Республики Южная Осетия, передав часть конституционных полномочий по формированию судов Парламенту республики – это шаги к сбалансированию конституционной системы сдержек и противовесов», – заключил президент.

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