In Tskhinval took place a press-conference with participants of the procession "Sovereign Veil"

Wed, 16/08/2017 - 11:43

The head of the procession Alexey Ermakov has noted that the purpose is the unification of the Russian lands, the revival of national unity in defending the real interests of the Russian and all the fraternal peoples traditionally residing in the Russian land.
"In conditions of a military threat, we all need to be united. Today, our common faith and love for the Fatherland can unite us, "Ermakov said. - The enemy declared war on the entire Russian world, our values, and our faith. In 1991, after the defeat in the Cold War, we broke up into 15 countries. Now they try to destroy us one by one. In these circumstances, when the enemy tries to undermine the situation in the country, sow discord in our people, who can live as a single family, we have no right to observe the events silently. We must unite and pray to protect our country, our traditional value."
During the press conference participants of the procession gave the Minister of Culture Zhanna Zasseeva a copy of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God "The Sovereign Veil".
The initiative of the procession, according to the participants, belongs to ordinary Russian citizens, Orthodox believers and is supported by patriots of the Fatherland.
It has also been noted that it will be organized humanitarian cargo for the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.
To date, according to the activists of the national liberation movement, they have visited 47 cities of Russia, and are planning to visit 72 cities in total.
Minister of Culture of South Ossetia Zhanna Zasseeva, has noted the importance of holding such events.
"People who travel with such a mission are deeply religious people," Zasseeva said.
She said that many South Ossetians remembered the appearance of the Virgin during the 2008 August war.
"South Ossetia experienced the protection of God and the Mother of God," Zasseeva said. "During the war, the symbol of the Mother of God inspired us and we did not give up and saved ourselves, our people and our city."

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