The border guards detained four Georgian citizens for violating the state border regime

Mon, 09/12/2019 - 20:57

On December 7, at the section of the state border of the Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia, four Georgian citizens were detained by border guards for violation of the state border of South Ossetia and Georgia on the outskirts of the village of Ahmadz of Leningor District. According to the press service of the KGB, among them Gamkhitashvili Emzar Mikhailovich, born in 1962, resident of the village. of Bozhami of the Caspian municipality, Zaridze Georgy Solomonovich, born in 1980, a resident of the village of. Lamiskana of the Caspian municipality, Gamkhitashvili Merab Avtandilovich, born in 1976 and Gamkhitashvili Avtandil Merabovich, born in 2005 - residents of the village of. Samtavisi of the Caspian municipality.

"Gamkhitashvili Avtandil Merabovich was expelled because he is a minor, against others the KGB Border service is conducting proceedings, the issue of transferring materials to the court is being considered," the KGB said. - It should be noted that these persons not only violated the state border of South Ossetia with Georgia, but, under the guise of a child, tried to engage in illegal firewood harvesting on the territory of the Republic. This incident points to the plight of the residents of Georgian border settlements, caused by the inability and unwillingness of the authorities of the neighboring state to timely and effectively address basic issues related to ensuring their interests in the socio- economic sphere."

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