Canadian scientist Richard Foltz will write a book about the history and culture of Ossetia

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 17:42

A scientist from Canada, Professor of history at Kokordia University, Richard Foltz, together with the head of the Scythian-Alan Studies Center, Tamerlan Salbiev, plan to release a collection of articles “Ossetian Studies. Current level of state”, which will be translated into English and published in London. This was stated by Foltz at the presentation of the “NARTAMONGÆ” magazine in Tskhinval.

“It is necessary to publish as many articles as possible, which would reflect the current state of history, culture, and the language of Ossetians. This collection will become an important source of information used by specialists who are interested not only in Ossetian studies, but also in Caucasian studies and Iranian studies in general.

Richard Foltz also said that he would write a book about Ossetian history and culture English.

“Both the collection and the book will include articles by a number of scientists from South Ossetia,” he said.

The voice of South Ossetia should be heard in the West

Foltz has emphasized that the voice of South Ossetia is practically unheard in the West, and these projects will enable South Ossetian scholars an opportunity to speak out and be heard. . .

“Today, the image of ​​South Ossetia in the Western media is almost 100% negative, but at the same time it is positive in promoting the Georgian point of view. This leads to an imbalance,” said the scientist.

Who are they, descendants of Alans?

“In a number of historical studies arbitrariness reigns, and every nation, having absolutely no right and reason to do so, tries to ascribe to itself some great history. In the case of the Ingush and Balkars, who declare themselves descendants of the Alans. I can say that they do not have scientific data for this. They cannot justify this from an academic position,” said the Professor.

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