Georgian citizen who shot at the border guards is quarantined in South Ossetia

Sat, 18/07/2020 - 12:10

The military prosecutor of South Ossetia, Tigran Kabulov, told about the details of the arrest on July 11 of a citizen of Georgia Zaza Gakheladze, who violated the state border in the vicinity of the Akhmadz settlement in Leningor district and shot at the border guards.

"Gakheladze illegally crossed the border of South Ossetia, while he had a smooth-bore self-loading rifle with him. While moving deep into the territory of South Ossetia, he was noticed by the border detachment, who, in full accordance with the orders of the command of the border control and the procedure for detecting an intruder, gave the command" Stop "Gakheladze ignored the legal demands of the border guards and tried to escape," Kabulov said.

According to him, "the citizen of Georgia also used firearms, fired at least five shots at one of the border guards."

“The border guards, in turn, acting legally, without violating any norms, were forced to return fire. It was aimed at such non-vital places as the limbs. Gakhiladze was wounded in the ankle, he was detained and is in quarantine. in order to make sure that he does not have a coronavirus infection, "the prosecutor stressed.

He added that a criminal case was initiated against the detained citizen of Georgia for encroachment on the life of a serviceman and illegal crossing of the state border (according to Part 1 of Article 322 and Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Recently the KGB of South Ossetia has stated that in order to achieve maximum hype around the current situation, "the Georgian regime hypocritically uses members of the Gakheladze family, publishing their comments in the context of politicized and obviously biased materials."

“Against this background, some Georgian politicians appealed for help to international organizations, complaining about the ineffectiveness of the existing mechanisms for resolving such problems. At the same time, they deliberately keep silent about the reasons for this state of affairs, which lie in the counterproductive position of official Tbilisi towards South Ossetia. By the policy of denying the sovereignty of the Republic of South Ossetia, the Georgian side deprives itself of any opportunities for a civilized resolution of conflict situations, and then actively presents its absurd complaints.

The position of the EUMM deserves special attention, which assured that "it will be actively monitoring the incident." Thus, instead of taking any steps to change Georgia's counterproductive position and prevent an escalation of tensions, the mission decided to “actively” observe, while making biased but beneficial statements for Georgia,” the Committee said.

KGB of South Ossetia has added that the Georgian leadership and its Western curators need to understand that Z. Gakheladze, detained for violating South-Ossetian-Georgian border and opening fire on the border guard officials currently do not need their support but the qualified help of lawyers, as his action is considered from the standpoint of the criminal legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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