The 33rd anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was celebrated with a rally and the laying of flowers at the monuments in Tskhinval

Tue, 15/02/2022 - 16:54

In the capital of South Ossetia, a rally dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was held near the monument to soldiers-internationalists in the Bam micro district.

The event began with the laying of flowers at the monument to the soldiers-internationalists, which was attended by President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov, Defense Minister Ibragim Gasseev, as well as representatives of ministries and departments, students of the Tskhinval boarding school and the capital's school No. 12.

Murat Guchmazov, Chairman of the Afghan Veterans Union, spoke about seven young internationalist warriors, called up from the South Ossetian military registration and enlistment office who did not return from the war in Afghanistan.

“Upon returning home, the survived Afghans began to defend their homeland from the Georgian aggressors. On February 15, every time we remember the names of the soldiers who fell in the name of the Motherland, they will remain in our hearts, and we will always remember them. We are proud of them, the memory of those guys who did not return from Afghanistan, who laid down their lives defending their homeland, and those who participated in all local wars, will not be forgotten,” Guchmazov said and asked those present to honor their memory with a minute of silence.

President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilovhas noted that today's holiday is worthy of pride and honor.

“Dear Afghans, fellow internationalist warriors. Yes, there was a tragedy, but today is a festive date, although they tried to overshadow it, saying that the Afghan war was a losing one for the Soviet Union. The duty that our Afghans fulfilled was belittled. Armies never come out with a banner if they think the war is losing, and you came out with your head held high and firmly convinced that the war in Afghanistan was a victory for the Soviet soldier. Therefore, I believe that today's event is a holiday that we rejoice in and do not forget our military friends who fell on the battlefield. Today's holiday is worthy of pride and honor of our internationalist soldiers. We all looked up to you...”, Bibilov said and wished the soldiers health, success and a peaceful sky over their heads.

Russian Ambassador Marat Kulakhmetov also addressed the Afghans at the rally.

“For us, people from the 80s, Afghan is a special, reverent word. When we say Afghan, we understand that this is a special, proud person who has got a special role on the path of life. Unfortunately, not everyone returned from that land, but their memory will always be in our hearts. If we don't remember, we will betray them. We have always been proud of you,” the Ambassador said and expressed his gratitude to the Afghans present at the rally.

Participants of the event today laid flowers at the chapel in the courtyard of the Tskhinval secondary school No. 5.

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