The memory of the victims of the war in South Ossetia in August 2008 was honored in many countries of the world

Tue, 09/08/2022 - 18:37

Commemorative events dedicated to the fourteenth anniversary of the beginning of Georgia's military aggression against South Ossetia were held at the embassies in Moscow, Sukhum, Tiraspol, at the foreign offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia in the European countries, the tragic events of those days were remembered in friendly states, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic reported on its official site.

In Moscow, in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a prayer service was held for the peaceful citizens of South Ossetia perished as a result of the Georgian aggression, the defenders of Tskhinval, Ossetian and Russian military personnel of the Peacekeeping Forces, soldiers and officers of the Russian army, who at the cost of their lives defended South Ossetia from physical destruction. The commemorative event was attended by employees of the Embassy of the Republic of South Ossetia, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania under the President of Russia in Moscow, the Ossetian community of Moscow, parishioners of the Temple.

The Embassy of South Ossetia in Abkhazia also commemorated those killed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008. Vice President of Abkhazia Badra Gunba, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Abkhazia Zurab Kadzhaya, First Deputy Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Dzhopua, Vice Prime Minister of Abkhazia Kristina Ozgan, Minister of Defense of Abkhazia Vladimir Anua, Minister of Culture of Abkhazia Daur Kove, Ambassador Russia in Abkhazia Mikhail Shurgalin, Plenipotentiary Representative of Pridnestrovie in Abkhazia Garry Kupalba. Recalling the events of August 2008, the Ambassador of South Ossetia in Abkhazia Oleg Botsiev has emphasized that it was thanks to the help of the Russian Federation that the South Ossetian people managed to give a worthy rebuff to the aggressors. Russian Ambassador to Abkhazia Mikhail Shurgalin stressed that the Russian Federation would continue to protect the fraternal peoples.

In Tiraspol, at the chapel of St. George the Victorious, a memorial service was held in memory of those killed in the 2008 war unleashed by Georgia against the Republic of South Ossetia, as well as the laying of flowers at the Memorial of Glory. The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Pridnestrovie Stanislav Kasap, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie Alexander Stetsyuk, representatives of state authorities, public organizations and residents of the republic. During the event, the Head of the Official Representation of South Ossetia in Pridnestrovie, Vitaly Yankovsky, highly appreciated the role of Russia, which stopped the armed conflict, and the contribution of Pridnestrovians in the restoration of Tskhinval having noted with regret that 14 years after the Georgian aggressors were defeated and driven out outside the Republic, Georgia has not admitted its guilt. Also, a reception was organized at the Official Representation of the Republic of South Ossetia in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the Book of Memory was opened.

Actions dedicated to this tragic date were also held in Italy, in particular, in Pesaro, Milan and Sicily, as well as in the city of Cagliari in Sardinia.

In Milan, in memory of those killed in August 2008 during the armed aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia, an Action was organized by activists of the Friends of South Ossetia club, in which Vito Comencini, a member of the Italian Parliament, also took part.

A commemorative action was held in Pesaro under the auspices of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia in Italy. According to tradition, next to the "Tree of Peace" - a walnut tree, which was planted in memory of the victims of Georgian aggression in Miralfiori Park, a group of friends of South Ossetia honored the memory of those killed as a result of the brutal aggression of Georgia in August 2008 with a minute of silence. A wreath was laid in front of the monument to anti-fascist partisans, as well as a religious ceremony, a prayer service, on Colenuccio Square.

With the support of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Benelux countries, representatives of the Ossetian organizations in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France and Germany also commemorated the victims of August 2008.

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