A rally dedicated to the Day of Courage and National Unity was held in South Ossetia

Wed, 23/11/2022 - 14:23

On the Day of Courage and National Unity, a solemn rally dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the beginning of the national liberation struggle of the people of South Ossetia was held at the entrance to Tskhinval at the Priss height.

The rally was attended by the leadership of the Republic, headed by President Alan Gagloev, members of the public, direct participants in the national liberation struggle of the people of South Ossetia for freedom and independence.

The head of state congratulated those present on the Day of Courage and National Unity.

“November 23, 1989 is one of the most significant dates in the history of South Ossetia,” the President said. “33 years ago, Ossetian guys stood up like a human shield and defended the freedom of their people, defended justice, the right to determine the national development of our Republic, the right to speak their native language”

Gagloev has noted that he is proudly congratulating his fellow citizens on such a significant date in the modern history of Ossetia.

The President has also expressed gratitude to those guys who 33 years ago unarmed defended the Motherland and achieved their goal.

"We will always remember and honor the memory of all those who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of South Ossetia," the President added.

One of the participants in the events of November 23, 1989, Atsamaz Kharebov, has noted that God patronizes Ossetia, which is also evidenced by the fact that then the Ossetians managed to defend their homeland unarmed.

“The more time passes from November 23, 1989, the more we will realize the significance of this day,” Kharebov said. - November 23 - the starting point for the revival of Ossetia.

Kharebov recalled that "it was cold that November day, but the guys were warmed by brotherhood, our unity, and this should always be so."

"We were ready to give our lives for each other without a moment's hesitation," he said.

Representatives of the intelligentsia and the public of the Republic also spoke at the solemn rally.

The rally participants laid flowers at the memorial stone erected in memory of the feat of the Ossetian guys.

33 years ago, on November 23, 1989, Georgian nationalists staged a procession of many thousands to Tskhinval, calling it a peaceful action. The purpose of the meeting of Georgian nationalists was to suppress the self-consciousness of the people of South Ossetia and deprive them of all rights in their historical homeland. However, the Tskhinval guys, unarmed, holding hands, formed a human shield, blocked their path and managed to stop the enemy.

These Tskhinval guys do not talk about their exploits, and do not consider themselves heroes, they just did what they had to ...

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