“We are not alone, our strategic partner, Russia, is nearby” - Alan Alborov

Wed, 15/03/2023 - 14:27

South Ossetia is closely monitoring the processes taking place in Georgia, Chairman of the Parliament Alan Alborov noted in the comment to IA “Res”.

“Is it possible to open a second front or carry out a provocation at the borders? Everything is possible in the modern world, and South Ossetia has lived under conditions of permanent aggression for many years. Based on this, it is necessary to monitor what is happening and be ready for any development of events,” he said.

According to the speaker, "it is obvious that the scenario of the riots in Tbilisi was developed in the West, one method, used more than once."

He is sure that its goal is to "rock" the situation and even change the government, if it fails to force the current Georgian leadership to open a second front against Russia.

“What a tragedy these “screenwriters”, playing with the fate of entire nations, led Ukraine to - we are watching. I really hope that Georgian politicians and residents of this neighboring country will be balanced, soberly assessing the consequences of any provocative actions and will be able to rethink the experience of the past – what the policy of Nazism and genocide against South Ossetia led to And today we are not alone, our strategic partner, Russia, is nearby,” Alan Alborov has emphasized.

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