Archive - 14/8/2007


Tue, 14/08/2007 - 17:42

Boris Chochiev: «The South-Ossetian side will be compelled to block the Tiriponskij, Saltvisskij and Kekhvskij irrigation canals, through which water is delivered to Georgia»

The Deputy Prime-Minister of the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia, the Co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission on settlement of the georgian-ossetian conflict from the south-ossetian side Boris Chochiev has sent a letter to the Co-chairman of JCC from the Russian side J. Popov, to the Co-chairman of JCC from the Georgian side D. Mandzhavidze, to the Co-chairman of JCC from the north-ossetian side M. Тkhostov, to the Head of the Mission of OSCE in Georgia R.Riv, to the Commander of JPKF the general-major M.M.Kulakhmetov, to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Georgia V.Kovalenko, to the Ambassador of the USA in Georgia J.Teft, to the ambassador of Great Britain in Georgia D.MakLaren, to the Ambassador of Germany in Georgia P.Florae, to the Ambassador of France in Georgia F. Lefor and to the ambassador of Italy in Georgia F.Romano.