Archive - 13/8/2007


Mon, 13/08/2007 - 14:16

The Statement of the South-Ossetian part of JCC

On August, 8th about 17:50pm from the post of the georgian police, located in the area of a dairy-commodity farm at a settlement Dvani, a shelling was conducted from a small arms and an automatic grenade cup discharge in the direction of a post of the peacekeeping forces from RNO-Alania «Mugut». The peace ossetian village Mugut has been simultaneously fired. During the shelling works on harvesting took place on the field and people were compelled to leave the combines and to find shelter in a safe place.

Mon, 13/08/2007 - 14:15

Water delivery to Tskhinval has again worsened

Water delivery to Tskhinval and the adjoining it villages has again sharply worsened. As the head of the administration of Tskhinval Robert Guliev has informed the correspondent of the agency "Res ", since yesterday no more than 10 % of the necessary amount of water is delivered to the town.