Archive - 14/12/2009


Mon, 14/12/2009 - 13:32

David Sanakoev: Georgian authorities are politicizing the detention of Georgian citizens in South Ossetia

The South Ossetian side is inviting human rights activists and organizations to visit the Georgian citizens detained in the prison in Tskhinval, reported the HR Commissioner of South Ossetia David Sanakoev, commenting on the fact of detention of and trial over Georgian citizens. According to Sanakoev, Georgian authorities are politicizing the detention and trial of Georgian citizens Levan Khmiadashvili and Victor Buchukuri. "Politicizing of this issue is unacceptable. We are inviting Georgian human rights activist to visit the Georgian citizens. Human rights related issues should not be drawn into political dimension. In majority of cases, the Georgian authorities consider them exactly within a political dimension. One of the examples is the above mentioned case", stated Sanakoev. Earlie, the South Ossetian authorities invited the convicts' relatives to visit them in the prison.

Mon, 14/12/2009 - 13:31

OSCE Delegation is Visiting South Ossetia Южную Осетию

A delegation of the OSCE is visiting South Ossetia. This delegation includes the Special Representative of the Chairperson-in-Office Charalampos Christopoulos, Ambassador Boran Nurgaliev, Representative of the succeeding in 2010 Kazakhstan OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Advisor to Ambassador Nurgaliev Serik Zhumabaev and other representatives of the Organization.