Archive - 27/4/2009

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Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:57

Compensation Payouts Resume in South Ossetia

The process of compensations payouts to the population affected during the Georgian aggression will restart in the nearest future, reported the RSO President Eduard Kokoity at the session of the RSO Government. "The arrival of the Deputy EMERCOM Ruslan Tsalikov is related not only to inspection at sites under EMERCOM's reconstruction, but the issue of 50,000-compensation payouts to the population will be settled. We are resuming this process.

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:55

A memorandum between the heads of archive departments of the RF and RSO has been signed in Tskhinval

Specialists from the Russian Federal Archive agency, representatives of Archiving Services of North Ossetia and Sverdlovsk oblast are visiting Tskhinval, South Ossetia, to sign a memorandum on cooperation with South Ossetia.
Kirill Chernenkov, the Head of department for international relations of the Federal Archive Agency, told about the purpose of the visit.

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:32

To release the woman and her children the Georgian police demands for 60,000 RUR

Today, at 12 a.m., the Georgian police in the villages of Akhmadji detained Valentina Bedoeva, born 1969. She was going to the village at the borderline to see her relatives. She was traveling together with her two children, 10-year old twins Marat Khubaev and Marina Khubaeva.
Presently, the detainees are still kept by Georgian police. According to Bedoeva’s relatives, to release the woman with the two children, police demands for 3, 000 Georgian lari (60,000 roubles). In case of refusal, the policemen menaced with filing a criminal case.

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:31

Provocations from the Georgian side continue

Last night, the Georgian side shelled the village of Velit in Znaur district of South Ossetia, reported the Deputy Defense Minister Ibragim Gasseev. “At around 0100 hr a.m., a COBRA (Turkish-made) armored vehicle moved along the border with South Ossetia from the Georgian village of Dirbi with an attempted penetration into the territory of South Ossetia. It opened fire at the village of Velit,” reported the Deputy Defense Minister Ibragim Gasseev.

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:28

Alan Pliev: It is unlikely that Georgia will venture into a full-scale war having in mind its disgraceful failure and the presence of Russian military bases in RSO”

In accordance with the NATO-Georgia military plans, on 6 May-1 June, military exercises will be held on the territory of Georgia with the participation of up to 1,300 military staff from about 20 countries. Do these military maneuvers imply any threat to the security of the Republic of South Ossetia and what sort of work should be done by RSO Defense Ministry and other structures to neutralize a possible escalation of the situation in South Ossetia throughout the period of preparation for the above exercise?
Yury Tanaev, Defense Minister of RSO:
These exercises in May-June bear no threat to South Ossetia since they spoke about 1,300 personnel, while we have 3,000 plus the Russian contingent. Potentially there is a threat, if the neighboring country carried out exercises in the vicinity to borderline area and other neighboring states or allies are involved, this speaks for their getting prepared for a war. This again underlines that Georgia did not accept the situation and that Georgia will attempt to tear away and seize our territories; their allies, that is, Western Europe and the United States are helping them in this and encourage them for a new aggression.

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 18:23

RSO KGB News Release

On 21 April 2009, through an investigation and search operation carried out by RSO KGB, an ammunition cache had been found in the village of Kekhvi, Tskhinval district. 2,400 submachine gun cartridges and 26 hand-grenades were among the ammunition.
Currently, the investigation continues to determine the circumstances under which the cache was placed there and to identify those involved.