Archive - 27/8/2015


Thu, 27/08/2015 - 18:06

Leonid Tibilov met with the Chairman of the Association "Revival" Radion Pukhaev

Leonid Tibilov has received today a native of South Ossetia, the Chairman of the International Association of the Ossetian societies "Revival" Radion Pukhaev.
During the meeting it was noted that within five years the members of the organization "Revival" held the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" in ten European cities, where the Europeans have the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of Ossetia, touch the Ossetian art and painting.

The Head of State highly appreciated the activities of Rodion Pukhaev abroad, thanking him for fruitful cooperation with the Ossetian artists and the organization of the exhibition during the celebration of the recognition of independence of the Republic, as well as the successful work in holding the Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe.
"The work you are doing, is not easy; one must put out considerable effort and organizational skills to conduct such activities in the European countries, - the president said. - We welcome and appreciate your contribution to the promotion of South Ossetia abroad, and we will continue to support your work, as far as possible."

In turn, Radion Pukhaev expressed gratitude to the President for attention and active support for the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe", thanks to which the Europeans had the opportunity to become acquainted with art, culture and traditions of the Ossetians.
"Our events unite the Ossetians living abroad and involve them in the cultural life of Ossetia, - he said. - Your letter of greeting to the participants, organizers and guests of the event gave the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" special status. "
For outstanding work in promoting the Ossetian national culture and art in Europe the President presented an honorary diploma to Radion Pukhaev.

On behalf of the Ossetian artists, participants of the exhibition "Reflection of Europe" Radion Pukhaev presented to the President two paintings by Boris Gabaraev and Lavrenty Kasoev and presented letters of gratitude to Leonid Tibilov from the leadership of the International Association of the Ossetian society "Revival" and the Russian ambassador to Belgium Alexander Romanov for assistance in organization of the Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe.