Thu, 15/06/2006 - 11:19

The situation in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict remains tensed. As it is known, yesterday evening without coordinating with the local authorities and the JPKF Commander, the Georgian police moved one of it’s check points in direction of Tskhinval and blocked the road to village Pris.
The spontaneous rally of the residents of village Pris in front of the OSCE Mission continued until late evening.
“People are afraid of provocations from the Georgian police”, -was explained the correspondent of “Res” agency, who arrived to the place of spontaneous rally, by the residents of village Pris.
Soon the Office in Charge of the OSCE Mission in Tskhinval, Mr. Rain Grist have arrived from Tbilisi. After getting familiarized with the situation the Officer in Charge of the OSCE Mission in Tskhinval had a meeting with the residents of the village, the journalist were not allowed t the meeting. A press-conference for the media was given by Mr. Rain Grist after the meeting.
“People do not trust the Georgian police that is there. I have tried to convince people the go back to their houses. Although, it is not my responsibility but the responsibility of the Georgian police. Currently there is lack of confidence in the Georgian Police and I will report about that to the higher leadership of the OSCE. I feel sorry for the people that live there in the atmosphere of fear. I suggested the people to go back to the village and our observers will stay there overnight and will do everything possible as observers”, -he said.
According to the resident of village Pris, Tuaeva the Officer in Charge of the OSCE Mission in Tskhinval, Mr. Rain Grist, suggested the participants of the meeting to go back to the place of the illegal check point and sort out the difficulties with the Georgian police. This suggestion was very strange and roused the village residents. Besides that Mr. Rain Gist refused to ensure the security of the villagers and underlined that the OSCE Mission is solely observing.
According to Tuaeva, all the people remained very unhappy with the work of this International Organization.

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